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Doe Deere Commands Respect

Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere, commands respect because she is not afraid to defy traditional makeup rules. She is able to rock the boldest makeup colors with her marvelous pastel colored hair. Some might think that the pastel haired beauty would try to subdue her look with neutral colored makeup and clothing. Doe Deere thinks the exact opposite is appropriate for her and her unicorn followers. Her view is that bold colors are more becoming. Doe Deere looks tradition in the eye and is not afraid to go against common rules about wearing colors or makeup. Definitely, her belief is that more is more appealing.

Fashion Rule Breaker
Doe Deere believes that every year fashion experts set down a few rules that everyone follows. For example, they might state that this is the year to wear neutral colors like white, black, gray, tan, or even brown. Certainly, following the rules is alright, if you are puzzled about fashion, makeup, and colors in general. She believes that everyone needs to learn the basic rules about makeup and fashion. Only those that understand the basic fashion and makeup rules are able to break them with style. Certainly, Doe Deere is one very creative person that loves playing around with wild colors and unique patterns. Her sound advice for women is to be bold, break the rules. Following the rules is just far too boring. Certainly, the founder of Lime Crime has a very unique approach to makeup and fashion that has encouraged her league of unicorn followers to think creatively.

Lime Crime Executive Doe Deere
The Lime Crime Executive, Doe Deere, has a very original approach to managing her business. Some executives rule their company with an iron fist. She believes that this drives a wedge between the leader and their support team. She believes that gaining the trust and respect of her employees is the way to lead a company to success.

Lime Crime has been around since 2008. Deere manages the cosmetic company with her husband, Mark. They’ve been together for a long time. In fact, they started out in a rock band about 16 years ago. Deere credits her husband with inspiring her to go for her dream, concerning starting a makeup company. Certainly, he is her rock and her inspiration.

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Brazilian Born Aviation Executive Starts A Low-Cost Airline That Will Service Brazilian Cities According To Bank Director Marcio Alaor


David Neeleman wasn’t a good student. He was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder when his family left São Paulo and moved to the United States. But Neeleman stuck with his studies even though he had a hard time reading and writing. The University of Utah accepted Neeleman, and he managed to stay there for three years even though his meds produced some nasty side effects. He finally threw away the meds and left school. David wanted to try his hand at business.

Marcio Alaor, the Vice-President and Director of BMG Bank, recently gave a speech about Brazilian businesses, and he brought up the David Neeleman story. In spite of his learning disability, Neeleman became one of the most respected people in the aviation industry. Neeleman recently invested in another airline with Portuguese businessman Humberto Pedrosa. Pedrosa is the owner Barraqueiro group in Portugal. The new airline, Transportes Aereos Portugueses, or TAP for short, will be a low-cost airline that services select Brazilian cities.

Alaor told the group that Neeleman is no stranger to the low-cost airline business. Neeleman own JetBlue and Morris Air in the United States, and WestJet in Canada. Low-cost airlines cater to consumers that want to save money, but TAP will also cater to consumers that want to travel comfortably. That combination is sorely needed in Brazil’s aviation market according to Alaor. Alaor likes to calls Neeleman. “Mr. Creative.”

The reason for the nickname is obvious, according to Alaor. Neeleman is a master at finding solutions to business challenges. The airline industry is a major challenge. It’s hard to survive in the airline business because the costs of doing business aren’t fixed. Costs change as the market changes, and airline executives find it hard to keep up with those changes. But Alaor says Neeleman is the exception.

Marcio Alaor is another creative individual. As Vice-President and Director of the BMG Bank, Alaor is responsible for mergers and acquisitions as well as bringing new business clients into the BMG family.

Marcio is part of the banking team that decided to sponsor football clubs, and that decision has turned BMG into one of the top banks in the industry. Thanks to Alaor, BMG competes with the big banks in the consignment credit business. BMG is the leader in that industry thanks to the support the bank receives from soccer fans.

Investing in the airline business is a risky venture, according to Alaor, but Neeleman track record lowers the risk. Alaor didn’t mention BMG Bank’s investment position with the new airline.

Former Soap Stars Take On Queens of Drama

Some of the biggest names in American Soap Operas are taking their talents to the next level in Queens of Drama. Taking their experiences in front of their camera and combining their talents, Vanessa Marcil, Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris and Hunter Tylo are on a mission to take the television industry by storm. Their mission is simple: get a new, sexy series on television by the end of the season. Donna Mills also stars as an over-the-top version of herself.

The Queens of Drama know how to bring the spice and the sex, though most viewers would expect nothing less from former soap stars. The show’s first season debuted in April 2015 on the Pop Network and ran for 10 episodes. Each installment follows the ladies as they work to bring their ideas to life. With a goal to land a pilot by the end of the season, Marcil, Hunt, Hartley, Pharris and Tylo do it all. Viewers come along as they develop scripts, meet with networks and jump through all of the necessary hoops to bring a new show to television. Though Queens of Drama brings with it some of the cheesy, predictability characteristic of all reality programs, it also provides some interesting insight into the changing face of the soap opera industry. Fans of the delicious roller coaster of the traditional soap will get a kick out this always dramatic, and often hilarious show. Season One wrapped last summer, but will hopefully return later this year with even more drama. Season Two promises soapy goodness as Renee Elise Goldsberry and Bree Williamson join the cast, according to Wikipedia. Keep your eyes peeled for guest appearances by soap opera queen bee, Joan Collins.

Though Marcil, Mills and Collins are the show’s heavy hitters, metacritic reviewers have been saying Crystal Hunt surprises viewers with a spectacular performance. Hunt, like the other ladies on the show, blends some of her breakout soap characters with her own personality to create a fun, fictionalized version of herself. Best known for her roles as the villainess, Hunt brings some of those characteristics to her role on Queens of Drama. As always Hunt brings creativity and a sharp, business savvy to the table, making her an invaluable part of the team. Viewers also get a glimpse of Hunt’s life off screen, especially her role of as a pet boutique owner.

Viewers also loved to hate her as the underhanded Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live. A true character actress, Crystal Hunt continues to make a name for herself. Outside of her work in soap operas, Hunt stole the spotlight as Dinky in the 2007 Snow White-remake, Sydney White. Most recently, she made a splash as Lauren in the summer blockbuster Magic Mike XXL.

Ross Abelow Seeks To Aid Animals As Winter Draws In

Well known New York family law expert, Ross Abelow has set his sights on a new goal as he looks to find the best ways of making sure homeless and vulnerable animals are cared for as the harsh New York winter takes hold. An area that causes concern for animal lovers each winter is the problem of animals being left in the cold because their owners are unable to care for them as times get hard. Ross Abelow is looking to assist the people and animals of the world by establishing a fund to raise around $5,000 in a bid to assist shelters caring for homeless animals during the winter months.

Shelters are generally overwhelmed during the winter months with animals who are often injured or undernourished after suffering long term neglect during the colder months of the year. The fund established by Abelow is designed to assist shelters with a number of supplies needed to care for animals who find themselves sick, hungry, or homeless during these colder months of the year. Abelow hopes the fund will provide a number of benefits for shelters, including a rising level of food, medical supplies, and blankets that will allow shelters to work with more animals than ever before.

Ross Abelow has been living and working in New York state for a number of decades, and is a well known figure for many who are involved in protecting animals from abuse and abandonment. Abelow has been working as a successful lawyer since he was licensed in New York State in 1990, and has found success and respect from his peers through his work as a family law expert.

Understanding the issues facing animals living on the streets is something Ross Abelow has been looking to do for a number of years along with his more than two decades of success as a lawyer. Making sure the animals of New York State are well cared for over the winter months is one of the causes Ross Abelow feels most strongly about.