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Food for Fido Goes Gourmet

The old saying about a dog being man’s best friends goes well beyond Fido having a place to sleep on his master’s bed at night. More Americans are becoming concerned with the quality of the food available on Amazon for their pets. Gone are the days of purchasing any dog food for the family pet. Now careful consideration is given by the pet food manufacturer and the pet owner about the ingredients in dog food. It has become critically important for pet owners to take better care of their animals in hopes of a longer life. As reported by The Daily Herald (insert link), gourmet pet food is becoming a newly competitive market.

Many companies have arrived on the enormous pet food scene hoping to cash in on the new movement of gourmet foods. Companies like Purina have long been in the business of making quality dog and cat foods, but have created a new line of food they call Beneful.

Not only does Purina’s Beneful provide a variety of high-quality products for pet owners, their employees use the product which is one of the highest endorsements of a product available. The product is made with pride, shipped locally which means consumers purchase a freshly made product at the height of freshness. Purina Beneful takes extra steps to ensure the highest quality of ingredients, offers a full range of feed depending on your pets needs including puppy and weight loss formulas.


Helane Morrison’s Positve Impact on the Financial Sector

Helane Morrison who started off as a journalist has over time proved herself to be of great capabilities. She is currently involved in government service. Not many can maintain and stand for their ethical integrity after a long time of working in different capacities. Always doing the right thing is a narrow path that many don’t choose to follow except for one Helane Morrison. Since the early years of the millennium, the business world particularly the finance sector, has undergone several setbacks and has spoiled its reputation. Helane however has managed to stay true to who she is despite all this. Her fight against corruption and zeal to protect those who are vulnerable has over the years and still is her best known trait. It is encouraging to know that there is one person who still of integrity especially after the financial crisis in 2007/2008 where the unethical behaviour in the financial sector was exposed.

After the malpractices in the financial sector were exposed, everyone is uncertain and weary to trust others, especially those operating in the financial sector. Americans especially have little trust or no faith at all in Wall Street with only twenty percent of them believing that their country’s economy is headed on the right path. This is a matter of concern especially because the presidential elections are around the corner. This is so according to Yale Hirsch’s theory of there being a direct correlation between the elections and its impact on stock markets and the economy. Despite the uncertainties, people are still investing due to the unavoidable financial necessities. Since the average investor is at high risk and quite vulnerable, some have resorted to educate themselves and familiarise with some expertise.

Having a great work and life balance and adding to the fact that she is committed to ensure that justice prevails, Helane Morrison is a great encouragement to the fact that there is hope in the financial sector. The government noticed her exceptional qualities and gave her a post as head of the San Francisco Office of the U.S SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) where she worked till 2007. She is currently the Managing Director Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Helane’s knowledge of the law has undeniably played a big role to ensure she is where she is currently as is seen in the website link She studied journalism initially at Northwestern University before she earned a J.D in Law from the University of California, School of Law at Berkeley. She has worked as a court clerk at the U.S Supreme Court and Court of Appeals as well as done private practice at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Falk, Canady & Rabkin firm.

See the original article on Project Eve for more information.

Cleansing Cream versus Fine Hair

Fine hair can present a specific set of challenges: fly-away, frizzy and too easily weighed down by conditioning products. In a recent article for one salon worker describes her personal seven day experience with WEN hair products by Chaz.

Used by Hollywood stars and millions of other women around the world, Wen hair by Chaz Dean has become a cleansing phenomenon. The Wen hair original Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner has grown into hair treatment options in a variety of scents (Fig, Cucumber Aloe, Lavender, Pomegranate) as well as styling products and hair treatments are all available on Sephora. Regardless of hair type, Wen has the fix by starting with the basic idea of not stripping hair to cleanse it. Wen uses hair-friendly ingredients and no harsh sulfates.

Emily McClure put herself on a seven day challenge with WEN Hair, which she documented with photos and daily diary of use. Rather than a typical one-and-done trial, the scope of this article allowed Emily time to fit Wen hair in her daily routine in the usual ways – night hair washes, morning cleanses – as well as variations on those options. In the end of her Bustle article, Emily concluded Wen would be the shampoo she reached for when she wanted a little extra shine.


Doe Deere Leader of a Style Revolution

In a recent article published by Bustle, Marlen Komar discussed the impact Doe Deere and her cosmetic line, Lime Crime, is having on popular culture.

Doe Deere is a counter-culture fashion icon. Deere is blessed with the good looks of a Katy Perry remodeled as a pop culture figure. She presents her counter-cultural ideas to the targeted teen-aged consumer with her cosmetics line, and herself as a newly popular personality in the style of Madonna, who has profited from her brand as a representative of the popular culture. Deere is attempting to create a brand based on herself first and then her product line, Lime Crime. She is a compelling personality, attractive and making profound style statements, which are reminiscent of Lady Gaga and before her Marilyn Manson and the late David Bowie.

In the article Deere listed seven fashion rules which she liked to violate. One of the fashion laws stated that either a dramatic make-up statement should be made for the eye or mouth but not both. Deere disregards this as well as the one that states a profusion of different patterns should not be worn together. In Doe Deere’s world there can never be enough differences of patterns combined or an unsightly combination of colors. Open toed shoes combined with socks works for her also. Dress for your age? Forget that one. On the matter of occasion specific clothing she sees no need for that. What would she wear to a funeral? Scary thought.

The fashion world is shaped by designers from the major style houses in Europe and by popular figures in culture, athletes, actors and singers, but then there are the “celebrities”, the Kardashians are a good example, these “celebrities” walk a thin line between being fashionable without being too avant garde or being too established. Mix all these disparate elements together in the world’s fashion blender and see what you create. Today there is no ultimate fashion director. Yves St. Laurent may have been the last designer whose influence had an impact on all aspects of culture. Ralph Lauren can make a case for his own efforts as a chief impact-er on the fashion world, but the diversity of today denies any strict adherence to an established fashion sense.

Doe Deere is trying to build a brand for herself and for her cosmetics line, Lime Crime. Her personal style is refreshing and built on ideas of going against the grain. But, unfortunately, the fashion sense of the typical American established man or woman is lacking when compared to citizens from European countries. An innate sense of style for Americans is, sadly, lacking. While counter-culturalists for teenagers are in vogue, when these youths reach adulthood the more stringent rules of fashion and decorum will take over, setting laws of fashion that can not be broken in the corporate business world.