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Shared Office Space Is the Answer to Overcrowding in NYC


In many places across the world, there are two major problems with finding office space to work out of. The first is that there isn’t always office space available for an up-and-coming company that is desperately in search of it. The second is that in the most competitive markets, it can sometimes be prohibitively expensive for a new company to afford the office space they need. Either one of these scenarios can potentially do a company in before it even gets started because it is difficult for an office to make money if it has no way to get people together and perform work so that it can continue to support itself.

This is especially true in a crowded place like New York City. The truth is, it is difficult to find office space in New York City, as there is often a rather long waiting list that businesses have to endure before they can even start looking for a place with any real hope of finding one. On the flip side of the coin, any space that they do find is probably going to be several times more expensive than they can actually afford, even for the smallest places that don’t really meet their needs.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution. Coworking space Workville NYC, a new movement has started taking place. It involves what is known by many as co-working spaces, or shared office space that is frequently shared between several different companies at one time. This is the perfect solution for anyone who is attempting to start a business or wants to move their office to a new location, yet doesn’t have the finances to come up with rent completely on their own.

It works like this. Several companies rent out a single space and then that rent is divided among the number of companies that are operating out of the same area. Of course, each company has the opportunity to create their own unique work space and everyone is given so many square feet so that it is divided up fairly. Think of it as renting a booth to sell crafts out of a store or renting space at a salon in order to perform massages, only in an office type of setting. It is a new way of doing business that is quickly taking hold, alleviating many of the financial concerns that new business owners have while simultaneously giving several businesses an opportunity to rent space in the same structure, often even on the same floor. It truly makes all the difference in the world between being able to grow and prosper or failing to make it in the business world. There is little doubt that what is catching on in New York City will ultimately become popular in other locations as well, as some places are already utilizing this technique with a great deal of success.

Protestors Flex Their Muscle

Venezuelan protestors had a chance to show off their collective strength against the regime that they call oppressive. Last week as news from El Venezolano confirms, they were bombarded by tear gas, but returned this Wednesday to keep the pressure on President Nicolas Maduro.
Much of the population blames the President for the country’s current woes, which include an economy that is completely out of control, food shortages, and social protests that have turned violent.

The center-right political party is seeking to eject Madura from office amidst claims that his socialist antics are clearly not working says reporter David Osio. In addition to the well-documented problems the country is facing, his detractors state that Madura is fostering a delusional belief that the United States is soon to invade his nation.

Protestors claim they will keep the pressure on until he resigns and is removed by other means. They are not likely to disperse any time soon.

JustFab Summer Collection: Cool, Calm, and Confident

JustFab has personalized styling services that allows their customers to pick out clothes just for them. These choice picks are styled to the person’s preferences, and they have quite the collection. If you wish to become a member, it is easy sign up. All you have to do is take a clothes quiz and pay the low fee of 24.95. Once the person completes the registration process on, they have access to the huge gallery of their clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Their breezy, lightly-colored clothes have whimsical playful pieces to help compliment anyone’s collection. Their collection is deigned to keep you cool, breezy with playful pieces that look like a vacation wardrobe. These pieces are still sophisticated enough to wear to work.

From colorful rompers to light and airy tops, this summer collection is sure to please any fashion palette. The fashion quiz of JustFab helps to narrow the collection down, but you can shop the whole selection if you choose.
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Their whole new summer collection is sophisticated and classy. The flowy tops and the cool white bottoms help to create a fashioned hot weather wardrobe. Their hot sexy shoes are a great addition to make any women feel confident. Their large trendy bags set these fabulous outfits off.

JustFab and Shoedazzle merged to create an e-commerce clothing super giant. Both known for their great styles and trendy fashions, they are slated to generate 400 million in 2014. These two powerhouses combined their forces to bring the latest in clothing and shoe fashions to the masses.

JustFab has pulled together the ultimate summer collection to leave you feeling cool, calm, and confident. Every piece is relaxed and gently hued to give you that vacation feel but just sophisticated even to wear to work.

Expert Investor Martin Lustgarten Offers His Knowledge To Those In Need

Martin Lustgarten has a talent for helping other investors spend money in a way the works well for them. At his home in Florida, he runs a business trying to give people advice on good ways to spend and save their money all over the world. The process is not that difficult to save money with commodities and stock markets regardless of the location, and Martin is teaching people the proper ways to saving as much money as possible for their bank accounts.


When Martin Lustgarten creates a plan, it typically starts with teaching individuals about international investments as well as the in’s and out’s they will need to know about the markets across the globe. He gives people the best information in terms of the geographic location they want to invest in as well as the countries that could potentially be highly profitable.


Martin does not just want tell people what to do though, he wants to provide his clients with the tools they’ll need to make decisions on their own.


Martin’s greatest asset is the ability to help people make the best decision to save the most money. For anyone who is unsure about where to get started, or what to do next, Martin Lustgarten has the answers. Making people more money is his specialty, and he can provide better resources to ensure every investor can reach even greater heights.

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Charles Koch and Michael Bloomberg Addresses Free Speech

Charles Koch a Republican financier and Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City Mayor, wrote a joint piece addressing free speech in colleges. The freedom of expression was advise by the two gentlemen to college students, boards, faculty, and administration.

Free speech is crucial to students for it helps in learning. The students must be ready to get offended by free speech to exist.

In a recent interview billionaire, Charles Koch had kind words for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and her husband. He then claimed that there was an outstanding chance that he would offer her support. His decision to opt for Hillary Clinton could not have been hard since he sees all Republican candidates as terrible role models. Charles further said that his massive political network would not be involved in the Republican nomination race.

Koch believes that Clintons rhetoric’s and action would be different unlike the Republican candidates that one would have to believe that their actions would be different from their rhetoric to give them support. Koch believes that personal attacks that pit one person against the other sends the wrong message to the country and such leaders are bad role models.

Clinton at one point of the campaign at one time did even link Bernie Sanders to his disapproval Export-Import Bank.

The calls to have Muslins be registered by Donald Trump did not please Charles Koch and compare such actions to Nazi Germany. Koch is a conservative and has mostly aligned with the Republican party. Charles was a critique of Iraq war during the Bush administration.

Since Koch spoke of possibly supporting Hillary time has gone by, and it is safe to assume that he is now funding her campaign.

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EPN’s Enterprise Radio Features US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

Recently, former U.S. Mint Director Philip Diehl had a chat with Eric Dye for EPN’s Enterprise Radio. Diehl is the U.S. Money Reserve’s current president. The show acts as a platform via which top executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs discuss various issues. They also share their most recent products, services, strategies, and experiences. The interview was one of Diehl many appearances in the media this year. Several topics were discussed including Diehl’s leadership history, U.S. Money Reserve’s excellent customer service, and the gold market’s future.

In history, Diehl is regarded as one of the most proficient U.S Mint Directors. He is responsible for accomplishments such as the 50 States Quarter initiative and the minting of the first platinum coin issued by U.S. government. During the interview, Diehl remembered the makeover of the U.S. Mint when he headed the organization.

Eventually, Diehl notes that they were able to match the best in customer service in American business. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

He has utilized the same entrepreneurial principles as well as dedication to customer gratification since taking the reins at U.S. Money Reserve. As a result, he has made the firm one of the leading distributors of precious metal bars, bullion, and coins issued by the U.S. government – read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase. This year, the company launched an IRA program. It is a self-guided precious metal initiative where clients can hold real gold as a means of protecting wealth for retirement.

Consumers should opt for U.S. minted silver, gold, and platinum coins. That is because they are legal tender supported by the U.S. government. A customer is guaranteed content, purity, and weight by having the U.S. minted gold coins. Additionally, with the expected instability in the markets, the price of gold is likely to rise. The article detailing this interview can be found on PR Newswire. Visit:

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is a leading distributor of U.S. government issued platinum, silver, and gold products in the world. It conducts business as the U.S. Gold & Silver Reserve. The company was created by gold market professionals in 2001. U.S. Money Reserve is committed to offering customers the highest level of products and services in the market.  Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

That includes the most incomparable gold coins. For many years, clients have trusted the firm’s ability to help them in selecting the most suitable precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve has the most qualified gold professionals, provides premier coins in the market, and offers a money back guarantee. Besides, it is the only gold firm headed by a former U.S. Mint Director.