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Beneful Offers Great Variety In Dog Foods

When it comes to food, variety is always a good thing, and trying new foods and new flavors is always fun. This fact holds true for more than just people and especially so for dogs with their love of food.
When it comes to many pet owners, they don’t think of giving their dogs a varied diet, they stick to the same flavor or style of food for their dog and usually keep feeding them that one kind over and over. This is understandable sometimes, since it can sometimes be difficult finding the right food and brand. However, Beneful is a quality brand that offers a variety of different flavors and styles of dog food and treats, both wet and dry.
Beneful’s dog foods contain quality ingredients that are healthy for dogs, such as vegetables, grains, and fruits. With many extra ingredients, Beneful offers even greater nutrient values and additional flavors to provide more varied diets for dogs.

Beneful’s Originals dry dog food is a popular Amazon choice, with many choices in flavor, it will have any dog running when the dinner bell rings. Along with the main flavors, their are added vegetables like carrots and potatoes, which enhance the flavor even more. What’s even more important, is that the food supplies the proper nutrients to help every dog stay strong and healthy.

Chopped blends is another popular choice from Beneful as well. Mostly designed for dogs on the smaller side, this wet dog food is full of small and soft meat pieces, which allows for easier chewing. Of course the food is fine for bigger dogs to eat as well, as it packs in all the flavor and nutrients of the other styles too. See link: “

For a blend of different meats, Beneful Incredibites is similar to a jerky meat that is designed for dogs, most dogs go crazy over this food. Indredibites are filled with a ton of protein for helping dogs receive the necessary nutrients to grow strong.

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Mike Baur acts as a Sherpa to Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is the Co-Founder and CEO of Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF), that supplies early-stage startup companies with the resources to become creative and intuitive globally minded companies. SSUF is committed providing a dynamic and robust three-month startup accelerator program, as well as comprehensive services for any need a startup might have. Based out of Zurich, SSUF is able to offer startups help with finances, mentorship, coaching, office space, and networking. SSUF pulls upon the passion behind the great ideas, products, and services entrepreneurs have and want to offer by accelerating their progress toward becoming viable business ventures. Without the work of companies such as SSUF, many entrepreneurs would not have the knowledge, skills, nor team behind them in order to successfully execute their visions.

After nearly twenty years in Swiss Private Banking, Baur decided to branch out with Max Meister to start SSUF. Baur and Meister’s mission at SSUF is “take startups and turn them into global companies that disrupt the prevailing norms, products, and business models.” SSUF’s model has proved overly successful and has become one of Switzerland’s top independent and privately funded early stage Startup Accelerator programs. SSUF specializes in helping creatives move their ideas forward by acting as a catalyst for new business ventures.

Baur and his team, curate an environment of support and service that enables digital entrepreneurs the tools needed to make their ideas into profitable businesses. Baur and his team equip these developing leaders and companies with the resources they need to navigate an excruciatingly tough startup market. Much like a Sherpa, Mike Baur works as a Sherpa helping startup entrepreneurs navigate the Everest-like atmosphere of new business ventures with his team at SSUF. He is able to assure startups a platform upon which to thrive. SSUF boasts a team of experts in the field, as well as, mentors and network of fellow entrepreneurs in order that entrepreneurs are boosted toward execution of their business plans and the success of their businesses. Entrepreneurs would be wise to join Baur and SSUF in order to propel themselves in the direction of an effective business launch.

Stephen Murray Was Key-Man To CCMP Capital’s Success

The private-equity firm CCMP Capital had received a go-ahead to resume its operations of investing from its funds after the company suffered a setback when it lost one of their key executive and former Chief Executive and President Stephen Murray. Murray died on March 12, 2015, a month after resigning his responsibilities at the company. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

The exit of Mr. Murray from CCMP Capital came as a shock to the company and triggered what is referred to as a loss of a “key man” clause in the private-equity industry. Part of the reason he was a key man was that he was at the helm when the company raised $3.6 billion CCMP Capital Investors III LP fund which was one of the biggest deal the company has had (read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital).

It is normal for the private-equity firms to select a few individuals in the company as the deal makers often known as the key men because they are central to the company’s investment plans.

After the death of Stephen Murray, the firm opened discussions with the investors of CCMP Capital III to alleviate the concerns of Mr. Murray’s departure from the company to determine the company’s future.

After new promises of investors protections, the limited partners finally supported a reinstatement of the fund’s investment period and gave the firm a go-ahead to appoint a new permanent CEO. CCMP Capital is known to have invested in companies such as the food vendor Aramark, Quiznos, and Cabela’s Inc. For now, the CEO and Presidential roles will be undertaken by Greg Brenneman, who is the company’s chairman. Read more: This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M

CCMP Capital has offices in New York, Texas, The Woodlands, and London. The company has chosen to disperse the roles of Mr. Murray across the organization according to the spokesperson of the company. For instance, the Investors Relations will be under the Managing Director Jonathan Lynch. The finance issues will also be headed by Richard Zamino, who is the current firm’s consumer and retail practice.

Stephen Murray graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston College in 1994 and later graduated with an MBA from the esteemed Columbia Business School. Apart from being a financial advisor and dealmaker, he was a kind-hearted man who contributed to the community through contribution to various institutions such as Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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