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Amazing, Shiny Hair With Wen

Finding a shampoo that cleans and softens is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Between magazine ads and YouTube ads, the over abundance of hair care products on Amazon makes it seem impossible to find the one that works. While it is true that the only way to know if something works it to try it, doing a little research first will make all the trials run smoothly. Wen by Chaz [] is used by people with a wide range of hair types and it is clear that their formula works. Let the results speak for themselves with Wen.

In a recent article from, a writer from the fashion and beauty section took Wen out for a test drive. She documented her use over a week long period with daily entries and pictures. She described a softness that was clear in the first photograph she took after using Wen. Her hair was normally fine and would generally hang limply around her face. Wen added a clear amount of volume and shine, giving excellent results. The cleansing conditioner she used is designed to make hair healthier and more touchable. From the way it appears in the article, Wen certainly did not disappoint.
Because they use such an innovative formula, Wen by Chaz is set apart from other brands by remaining more convenient and cost effective. The line of cleansing conditioners combine shampoo, conditioner, detangler and styling products all in one bottle. It is because of this unique blend that people can save time styling their hair, and also save money by not being forced to buy all their products separately. For anyone looking for hair care products that are both inexpensive and effective, Wen by Chaz has proven that they are worth the trial run. Gorgeous healthy hair is just one bottle away.


Davos Real Estate Group Launches a Mobile App

Executive Directors at Davos Real Estate Group have launched the company’s mobile app. The software, named as Davos CAP Calculator, is designed to help Davos clients to estimate the amount of returns to expect from any real estate investment that they are interested in. Other executives who were present during the launch are Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili.

Davos Real Estate Group ( Davos REG) is one of the many companies owned by Davos Financial group. The financial group mainly operates in Latin America. The entity has been in operation for at least two decades. REG was founded to specialize in real estate segment of the United States market.

The Davos CAP Calculator was under development for at least six months before it was launched in June 2016. To ensure that the app worked required by the real estate company, Davos REG assigned its Executive Director, Gerard Gonzalez to the project. This saw Gonzalez and Tecknolution work closely for six months. Tecknolution is the firm that was contracted to develop the app.

The application works under sophisticated algorithm. When an investor enters the details of the investment that he or she wants to invest in, the algorithm processes the information and provides the user with his or her potential returns from the investment. The app considers all the information about the investment including any expense that may be associated with the property.
According to the official statement sent to its clients, Davos REG says that the app is developed using the latest technology platform and is available for use on either iOS or Android platforms. The statement continues to state that the functionalities of the app will increase in the future as the company launches complimentary apps. Currently, users are able to identify properties and forward reports generated to their agents through the inbuilt chat ability of the application. Osio believes that the application will revolutionize how Davos REG carries out its business.

About David Osio

David Osio has broad experience in the financial services industry. He is the CEO of Davos financial group of companies. In the past, Osio served as Banco Latino International’s vice president responsible for commercial banking. Here, his role was to define market strategies and manage customer acquisitions. He is a graduate of the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello. Osio is also heavily involved in philanthropic activities. This information was originally reported on Visualcv as provided in this link

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No Party Too Big for Tarallucci E Vino

New York City is known for its fine dining and luxurious eating establishments. Couple that with a life event such as an anniversary, birthday, or wedding, and the result can be an experience like no other. There are many places to host an event in The Big Apple, from a more intimate affair to a larger celebration.

The Spotted Pig in West Village is one such a spot where more intimate parties can flourish. With its superior french fries and its positive atmosphere, it has cemented itself as a staple in New York City dining. Bring the guests to its private room, located upstairs, for a more quaint take on city living and dining.

Located in Tribeca, China Blue is another eating establishment complete with private rooms and offers a unique dining experience. This newer, Shanghainese eatery provides Asian delicacies that are sure to delight, and they can accommodate any party size with their partial rooms.

However, if Italian is preferred for the event, the Tarallucci E Vino is a perfect choice. At this location, the Mezzanine is a favored space and comes complete with a bar and lounge area, decorated with elegant cabinets and brick tables. This room is suitable for more intimate parties of about 30 guests, and even hold up to larger groups of 80 individuals. In addition, Tarallucci E Vino is home to the 6th Floor Loft, an elegant space that can hold up to 120 individuals for the larger parties and events. This particular room includes a bar and lounging area as well and is adorned with antique mirrors and dazzling chandeliers. No matter the occasion, there is a space available to suit any and all needs.

Regardless of the event or party size, Tarrallucci E Vino staff is ready to provide a flawless catering and hosting experience. From the food to the beverages, the highly recommended staff are on hand for even the most complex of requests, eager to provide high-quality service to every guest. From the initial stages of planning to the big night itself, the excellent team of staff will be there every step of the way, to ensure a seamless celebration no matter the chosen party space. Whether it is the 6th Floor Loft or the Mezzanine, Tarallucci E Vino offers a variety of options between both rooms, can comfortably fit even the largest of parties, and can provide superior catering and hosting via courteous and dependable staff.

Enjoy all New York City has to offer when it comes to a good meal and do so knowing that there are many spaces available for hosting that can fit any budget or any party size. Simply pick a cuisine, and enjoy the unique cultural and refined experiences of New York City, in some of the most glamorous party spaces this infamous city has to offer.

Don Ressler: A Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Don Ressler frequently is referred to as a serial entrepreneur. He is the force behind a growing number of successful start-ups. Among the start-ups Ressler has been behind in recent years is Intelligent Beauty. A number of subsidiaries have sprung from Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty was not Ressler’s first foray as an entrepreneur. The initial enterprise Ressler launched during his career was This company actually ultimately was purchased by Intermix Media. The sale was completed in 2001.

Ressler started Alena Media with the 19-year old chief operating officer of Intermix, a young man named Adam Goldenberg.

Ultimately, Alena Media generated hundreds of millions in revenue in the overall Intermix portfolio. Indeed, it would probe to the only profit center at Intermix. The success of Alena Media, as part of Intermix, lead to the acquisition of Intermix by News Corp in 2005.

Initially, the partners migrated to News Corp. They ultimately felt ignored and left out at the giant media conglomerate, departing News Corp. Shortly after departing News Corp, the pair launched Brand Ideas.

Brand Ideas was designed to be a brand development enterprise and ultimately was renamed Intelligent Beauty. The first successful brand created by Brand Ideas, also known as Intelligent Beauty, was DERMSTORE. Not long after the DERMSTORE launch, the partners branded SENSA, which is a weight loss system.

These enterprises became highly profitable and were one of the primary reasons Intelligent Beauty ultimately received $43 million in capital funding from Technology Crossover Ventures. Ultimately, Intelligent Beauty would go on to launch a third brand, JustFab. Intelligent Beauty received $33 million in capital funding from Matrix Partners to assist in the launch of JustFab. JustFab is an online fashion retailer.

The package included funds from Passport Special Opportunity Fund but also included existing investors like Shining Capital, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures. In the end, the total capitalization of JustFab rose to approximately $250 million. All of this occurred under the leadership of Don Ressler, together with his young business partner.

In the final analysis, Don Ressler attributes his success to finding the right business partner. He oftentimes states that finding the right business partner can make the difference between the success and failure of a start-up business venture.

Doe Gives an Interview with Galore

Lime Crime is one of the hottest cosmetics brands in the industry. Every day, women around the world turn to Lime Crime for their unique brand of makeup. Recently, Doe Deere sat down with a popular beauty magazine to discuss her success and how she feels about the industry as a whole.

Much of Doe’s success can be credited to the Instagram revolution. Millions of users flock to Instagram every day to look at unique pictures shared by other users, and many of those people follow Doe. Doe’s pictures are extremely colorful, and typically feature her wearing a truly unique shade of lipstick or an exciting t-shirt. Doe loves going on Instagram and interacting with her followers, but she is much more than just a pretty face to put on Instagram. Behind all those colorful pictures is a brilliant business mind.

Doe started the interview by discussing her upbringing. Doe is quick to mention that she was always an extremely creative child. She loved bright colors and she always loved mixing the different colors with each other. She is overjoyed to work with color as an adult. To her it feels like cheating, and she feels extremely blessed to have the opportunity.

Doe then went on to discuss her first cosmetics memory. She recalled a slumber party. Her and her nine-year-old friends tried on various types of make-up and tried on various outfits. They had an amazing time playing with the make-up together.

Doe loves running an internet based business. Her customers are able to give her instant feedback and discuss the product with her. She can roll out new product quickly and discuss potential new products with her audience. It can also be frustrating because people can turn on your product quickly.

Lime Crime is an incredibly important company today, and it is thanks to Doe’s leadership. Doe is glad to work for Lime Crime.  Be sure to check out their famous Velvetines for yourself, or follow them on social media for news and updates.  Lime Crime has both a popular Facebook presence, as well as Twitter.