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The Kabbalah Centre: Illuminating the Secrets of Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Centre takes medieval Jewish mysticism and makes it relevant to people’s lives today. Founded by the late Rabbi Philip Berg, who believed that both Jews and non-Jews could benefit from Kabbbalah’s universal wisdom, the Centre offers classes to anyone who seeks fulfillment. The current Kabbalah Centre started in 1969, in Berg’s New York City home, however, the headquarters moved to Los Angeles in 1993. Today, there are Centres in more than 40 cities across the world.

Kabbalah’s spiritual teachings come from the Zohar, a 23-volume book written in ancient Aramaic. Berg, a true Jerusalem Kabbalist, simplified the more obscure teachings, which used to be reserved for male scholars over the age of 40.

For charitable giving, The Kabbalah Centre operates Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes, which offers students at the Centres to practice one of the most important principles of Kaballah, sharing. At the Kaballah Centre, students learn that sharing is the only way to feel truly fulfilled, therefore, students have the opportunity to volunteer or provide financial aid to at-risk communities worldwide. Typically, each branch identifies needs in their community and finds ways to assist already existing charities. For example, The Kabbalah Centre of Boca Raton, Florida teamed up with two local organizations to donate money for food for people in need and volunteers to package the food for delivery. The Kabbalah Centre also teaches that an important spiritual law exists; the Law of Cause and Effect ensures that individuals reap what they sow.

The Kabbalah Centre offers numerous opportunities for learning and giving, for beginners and intermediate students who want to learn more about Kabbalah and its wisdom, because The Kabbalah Centre takes what used to be a secret wisdom and makes it accessible to all.

Brian Torchin: Solving Staffing Solutions On A Global Scale

Brian Torchin is the president of HCRC Staffing, an recruitment organization dedicated to providing excellent staffing solutions to medical offices. Brian Torchin’s position of president allows him the opportunity to impart experience gained from numerous years spent opening, staffing and managing medical offices in areas such as Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida.

Brian Torchin’s ability to staff medical offices with quality physicians, doctors of chiropractic, physician assistants and physical therapists allows him the capacity to ensure all of his clients are treated with the best results. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Brian Torchin has been featured on media outlets such as CNN, where he was praised as a “true veteran of the healthcare industry.” and Digital Journal, where he is described to have “…played a significant role in the growth of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors.”

According to Behance, Brian Torchin’s numerous clients and colleagues are able to vouch for Torchin, describing him has an individual who has always provided consistent, comprehensive solutions to clients as well as maintaining a professional pool of candidates to organizations seeking assistance.

Brian Torchin’s personal role in HCRC Staffing and dedication to its cause can be observed simply by viewing one of his social media pages. Facebook posts and Twitter tweets looking for various qualified healthcare professionals are consistently made in order to grow and maintain HCRC Staffing’s qualified pool of candidates.

Medical offices seeking the services of Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing will be met with professionalism, dedication and the opportunity to maintain a long-term, beneficial relationship.

Medical offices can also expect to shrink their total cost of care while raising patient satisfaction due to the quality of medical professionals that Torchin and HCRC Staffing are able to pride themselves for maintaining.

Adam Milstein Talks About His Background and how Philanthropy Helps His Business

Adam Milstein is the co-founder of Hager Pacific Properties and the Milstein Family Foundation where he currently serves as Chairman. He’s helped establish and become a member of several non-profit groups whose mission is to promote the welfare of Israel and strengthen the relationship between Jewish and American communities. He’s on the boards of the Israeli-American Council, Jerusalem U, AIPAC, Birthright Israel, Students Supporting Israel, Hillel International, and StandWithUs. His work in business and philanthropy earned him recognition in the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews column this last year. Ideamensch, an independent entrepreneur’s blog wanted to know about Milstein’s career so they interviewed him not long ago.

Milstein discussed how he came to start Hager Pacific Properties along with his friend David Hager, and he said it came from a drive to do better than what most current job openings offered him at the time. It took him some time to acquire assets in the business, but he’s said the more he’s acquired the more structure a day in his work has. He’s said a big part of his success has been being willing to get things done on his own and not limiting himself too much to specific goals. Milstein also says philanthropy has become important to his daily tasks and that using Constant Contact helps him follow up both with business and philanthropy contacts.

Adam Milstein learned much of his work ethic from his father in the building framing business growing up in Israel. He’s the oldest of three sons and a former military veteran of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Southern California. He married Gila Elgrably and has three daughters and now several grandchildren and enjoys spending time with all of them. He cofounded Hager Pacific Properties back in the early 1980s and started the Milstein Family Foundation in the year 2000. Jewish history and traditions are important to Adam Milstein, so he and Gila helped start Sifriyat Pijama B’America to teach families Hebrew and Jewish traditions.

Three Ways to Cut Down Party-Planning Stress

A party is something that you should be happy about, not something that you should dread because of your myriad of responsibilities. Camille Styles shared some of her best tips for effective and stress-free party planning. These were three of the top tips:




Choose a Theme Early On

Your party is going to need a theme, a motif or a general concept before you can even begin to start planning it. For example, you may have a sports team theme or a favorite television show motif. Speak to the other parties who are involved in the planning and vote on it to be fair.




Invite Your Guests Formally

No matter what type of event you are having, you will always want to invite your guests formally. Event planning companies in NYC can help you choose the best invitation styles to send to your guests. The decision will depend on the venue that you choose for your party, the type of party it is, and the overall personalities of the guests. You will know what your family members and friends like the best. The event planner can help you fill in the blanks.



Hire Reputable Event Planners in NYC

Finally, you must hire a reputable event planning company in NYC. You need to hire highly professional corporate event planners NYC companies adore if you are hiring them for your business party. When you conduct your research for the best company, you’ll need to be mindful of the most important elements. The most important elements of any company are the customer service attributes, the quality of service and the prices. Take your time to search for the company that has all the elements that you truly believe are crucial in your search. Don’t settle for less than what you want.



Schedule a consultation with the company representative so that you can get to know something about him or here before you secure services. Event planners can handle all of the heavy-duty tasks for you so that you can focus on enjoying yourself and having a great party. Follow those top three tips and you can lighten your burden significantly. Other tips are available, as well.

Karl Heideck’s Career as a Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck's Career as a Litigation AttorneyThere are many lawyers practicing in different parts of the world. The legal profession provides diverse practice areas for anyone who is interested in taking on challenging roles in the society. One of the lawyers who have changed the face of legal practice in the United States is Karl Heideck. Heideck is a litigation attorney who has represented many clients and won cases on their behalf.

For someone who is aspiring to become a litigator in the United States, there are various requirements which need to be met. For starters, you must have a degree in law from a recognized university in the United States. Additionally, you must sit and pass the bar examinations which are administered by your state. After being admitted to your state bar association, you can begin to practice law as an attorney.

A litigation attorney’s work mainly involves representing clients in court. The attorney will see to it that your matter is filed in court. He will also ensure that you get the correct court dates should there be need for you to go to court.

Want to learn more about the litigation process? Click here to read Karl Heideck’s blog.

Karl Heideck has inspired many young lawyersWhat is interesting about a litigator’s job is that they are not confined to court practice. They are also experts in out-of-court settlements. There are some matters which do not need a judge or jury to decide. Whether you have a divorce or insurance claim, you can easily get a lawyer to represent you. A litigator is the best option because they have experience in negotiating. A good litigator will obtain a good deal for you in whichever settlement.

Karl Heideck has inspired many young lawyers and he goes on to motivate those who are yet to join the profession. Heideck is also a role model and a philanthropist who is passionate about helping others develop themselves.

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