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U.S. Money Reserve Offers a Model Gold-Buying Experience on New Website

U.S. Reserve customers now have a new and improved way to learn about buying gold, make purchases, and see the value of their investments. The company revealed their new website, which includes increased customer service features, simplifies the buying and selling of gold, and reflects the value that gold adds to any investment strategy.

Customer service has been a major factor at U.S. Money Reserve from the beginning. The company was founded by a group of government-issued gold, silver and platinum experts who wanted to help investors buy those products. Since it was founded in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has helped hundreds of thousands of clients buy gold and enjoy the benefits of hard assets, which can be seen, felt, and admired.

That company philosophy is reflected in the new customer service features on the website. Through the Client-Connect Advantage feature, buyers can speak one-on-one with the U.S. Money Reserve numismatic experts about their purchases, and learn more about the art of buying gold. The personalized service is also designed to help buyers acquire rare and valuable coins, and other valuables.

The customer service features can also benefit those who are newer to the trade. Visitors to the U.S. Money Reserve website will see live updates on prices, so they can understand the precise details of buying and selling gold. Newcomers will be able to sign up for a free gold buying information kit, and to stop by the Knowledge Center to discover the meanings behind many terms used by the industry.

From that improved customer service, the U.S. Money Reserve plans to increase the ease and convenience of the gold buying experience. The new storefront makes it easy to see photos and prices within the coin gallery, and some of the fastest, most secured shipping in the online gold buying industry. If for some reason the purchase does not work out, the BuyBack Guarantee means that U.S. Money Reserve will buy back the gold at the current market value within thirty days of the purchase.

From their headquarters in Austin, Texas, the U.S. Money Reserve focuses on delivering quality customer service. Their new website continues their mission of educating, selling, and expanding the gold and bullion markets to new customers.

Many first time buyers from the U.S. Money Reserve become repeat customers, and that has made them the largest private distributor of government-issued gold, silver, and platinum coins in the USA.

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Measures Taken By CTRMA To Decongest Texas

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of a company Known as CTRMA (Austin’s Central Texas Regional Mobility. The company is recognized all over the world for its astonishing services. Mike assumed his responsibilities at the company in the year 2002, and since then, he has been an active pillar to the organization. From the time CTRMA was at its grass roots, to the current days that the company is a global icon, it owes all the credit to Mike. This is because he has seen the company grow and advance in many stages. The major steps the company has taken to achieve its greatness takes a good percentage of Mike Heiligenstein’s effort as well as ideas. In addition to all his experience in his line of career, Mike Heiligenstein attended the University of Texas where he acquired his academic qualifications. He graduated from the University with a Bachelor as well as two master’s degrees. His efficiency has seen him serve other companies before joining CREMA. Still serving as the executive director for CTRMA, Mike ensures that the company maintains its reputation and remains competitive in the global market. Mike Heiligenstein has also served as a public official. He was also a member of the Round Rock City Council. His career has also seen him serve as the Williamson County Commissioner. The recent engagements before joining CTRMA played a significant role in sharpening his skills as well as contributing to his experience.


As an independent government agency, CTRMA has a clean record of providing viable services in the transportation systems. It has been a fundamental responsibility for this company to build roads with the aim of improving the transportation system. The company under the leadership of Mike is believed to have grown up to 1.8 billion dollars in assets’ value. The company has an excellent record of obtaining much profit from the stock market as well as construction work. As a move to decongest the traffic network CRTMA runs Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO). HERO includes clearing the highway by helping out stranded motorist to help keep the traffic moving. To ensure effectiveness, CTRMA has created tolled road on the main roads. The first tolled road that CTRMA built minimized traffic considerably and this served as a bright start for the company. As an additional measure to ease traffic congestion, CTRMA has a major project of creating a free roadside assistance program. This includes shared used paths for pedestrians as well as cyclists.


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Richard Mishaan Design Takes You On a Journey

Haute Living, sat down with interior designer, Richard Mishaan, to talk about his designs. Haute Living describes Mishaan as a designer who likes to combine vintage pieces with patterns and color. Elle Décor magazine has listed him as an A list interior designer along with being listed on AD 100. The article focused on what inspires Mishaan and where he draws inspiration from.

Richard Mishaan jumps into how the thought of things being collected over time, usually is what he is going for. He explained how he thinks of Italian families, who were involved with craftsmanship, houses would look like. For a Richard Mishaan design, he likes to add vintage and new with layers of bold prints and colors. As he envisioned those Italian families would do when bring home new items they created and adding them to their homes along with older past creations. Richard Mishaan’s designs are created similarly to how a curator of a museum would arrange a museum. Richard Mishaan design has animal prints on different type of fabrics, cord and other things that he uses to create his backdrop. Along with artwork of contemporary Audubon paintings by Walton For. He said that he likes for the rooms to take a journey through time. Mishaan tells Haute Living that “what informs the soul and the mind is culture and travel”. He believes that designs should be based off heritage because it creates legacies that set trends and style. He leaves the interview with how much he loves handmade things because they make an environment stand out.

Colombia born, Richard Mishaan is labeled as a stylistic architectural and interior designer. Mishaan has been known to combine his knowledge of fashion, architecture and interior design all into one to complete his finished projects. He obtained a BA from New York University and attended Columbia University School of Architecture. After school, he went to apprentice under the famed architect Philip Johnson who is known for his modern architect including the Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. Amongst his amazing design skills, Richard Mishaan, is an author with releasing two book, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern which both were published by Monacelli Press. Richard Mishaan does not just work with private clients but he often does work for hotels. In 2010, he re-did the suites in the famed St. Regis hotel.

Mishaan has been quoted saying that he does not like it when an individual will not buy something because it is not expensive enough. He has talked about adding under $100 items to an New York penthouse and how those items impacted the house. Mishaan has also disclosed that he has an old sofa that he has had for 20 years (of course it has been re-holstered) and how he does not want to let it go. Richard Mishaan tributes a lot of his inspiration from his mother country Colombia, even though he was always raised in Italy. But he believes inspires him Colombia because of the colors gives him the biggest inspiration.