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How to Enroll to the Milstein Meme Competition Organized by Adam Milstein of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation

Submissions to the inaugural Milstein Meme Competition opened on Friday 28th, 2017. This cultural event gets sponsored by the pro-Israeli organization, the Adam, and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Participants with the most popular pro-Jewish themed memes, videos, images, and hashtags stand to walk away with cash prizes amounting up to $2,000. The contest is an excellent opportunity for meme creators to showcase their talent to a global platform while also having tons of laughs.

Meet the Connoisseur Panelists

The Milstein Meme competition panel comprises of ‘connoisseurs of the meme universe’, according to Adam Milstein. There are six judges on the panel. These high schoolers and college kids have cult-like online following for their A+ meme game.

Rules of the meme contest

  • Participants have until the 3rd of Aug 2017 to forward their submissions
  • Facebook voting officially begins at 5 a.m EST on the 3rd of August 2017
  • Voting officially closes at midnight EST on August 14th, 2017
  • Each participant is only allowed to present a total of five memes
  • The memes with the most Facebook reacts (likes, shares, love, wow, angry, and funny) wins the competition

Announcing the Winners

The six meme-savvy judges then get to select their favorite memes from the most popular items on Facebook. The competition has announced there shall be one overall winner, two second-position winners, five third-place winners plus ten runners-up finalists. The finalists of the Milstein meme competition will be announced on the 17th of August 2017.

Meet Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein resides with the wife, Gila in Encino, California where he’s also an active community leader. Mr. Milstein is the Principal Managing Partner at the VC firm, Hager Pacific Properties. At Hager Pacific, Adam’s tasked with managing the company’s properties, core strategizing and finances.

Milstein once served as a soldier in the IDF. Then, he enrolled at the Technion Business Institute in Israel. Later, the philanthropist Adam Milstein immigrated to the USA for further studies. The former soldier went on to pursue an MBA from the University of South Carolina graduating in 1981. Remember to check out Adam Milstein’s official website to learn more about his noble cause.


The Clarity Of George Soros

Why The World Now Makes Sense

We don’t always have the time to analyze life or to create a central goal for making change with. Everything is moving fast. This happens as our day-to-day activities take our attention to and from what we hold most dear to us. It’s truly a surprise if you alone can identify the world as is and without the help of people who have the means to.Take George Soros as a great example of what we’re speaking of. There are, on Earth, people that we should look up to.Had George Soros not chose to pursue such an expansive life of philanthropy, we might wind up living life without ever looking deep into what’s really occurring.

There’s a lot happening in the world today, and the tragedies of people’s lives are real. The challenges of society are ongoing.The need for peace and resolution is as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago.So, the statement that we want to make is simple.Without the help of people who have the means to do it, it’s hard to make sense out of the world we actually live in. It’s by the humanitarians of the world that we’re able to peice things together and with a better definition of the realities we live. Until we boldly face those realities, they will never be improved.

In The Hands Of Soros

Mr. Soros holds a unique position in society, and it’s one that has been helpful in a number ways. One such factor is simply getting things done. You might not have the financial resources to accomplish your inner-most desires, but you do have have the desires. When those desires have no resources to act on, then they often revert to death.As great and grand as the idea of change is, it’s only stunted without the proper means to put the money in play or whichever is required for a task at hand. This is often an issue that many overlook in their personal desires to impact the world. When this happens, it becomes a great sign of relief that men like George Soros have taken the responsibility in their own hands.There’s nothing more that we can expect but to see George accomplish much greater and for the sake of improving society with his own will and design.

Dr. Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Bringing A Difference In InnovaCare Leadership

Where did Rick Shinto work before InnovaCare Health?

Behind the success of a great company comes unmatched leadership, and InnovaCare is a good example of this. Dr. Rick Shinto who is the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare has expertise in this career field for more than twenty years in the clinical healthcare department. His many years in this industry has seen him hold numerous prestigious titles. Before enrollment with InnovaCare, Dr. Rick Shinto was the CEO of Aveta Incorporated -Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California -Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management System

Dr. Shinto holds a resume of a top notch guru with interesting facts like:

-Received A (BS) From The University of California at Irvine

-Started His Medical Tenure As A Pulmonologist & Internist

-Received An (MBA) From The Univ. of Redlands

Where did Penelope Kokkinides work?

No man is an island, nor is Dr. Rick Shinto; he has worked over the years closely with Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare. This team work is what has brought about the great achievements of InnovaCare as a Health care facility. Penelope Kokkinides has done a stint of over twenty years in the healthcare government programs like Medicaid and Medicare. She has extensive education in clinical programs as well as the operations and management of healthcare processes.

Before joining InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides held lots of prominent positions which mentioned below;

-Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health

-Executive Vice president for Centerlight Healthcare

-Disease Management at AmeriChoice

-Corporate Vice President at AmeriChoice.

Penelope Kokkinides is also a graduate who holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the New York University, a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Columbia University Biological Sciences Bachelor’s Degree from Binghampton University.

What initiative did InnovaCare join to reform payment methods?

Innovacare is always committed to excellence in all ways, and that is why they’re participating in LAN which is known as the Healthcare Payment Learning & Action Network. LAN is an initiative that incorporates the use of paymeny models that base their grounds on quality rather than quantity. InnovaCare is among the many healthcare facilities which have joined the new Reform Payment Models.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health has ranked as one of the best Healthcare Organizations on earth thanks to its cost efficient models, great leadership, and innovative services. InnovaCare has managed to deal with the complexity of the healthcare market including its many different divisions and sectors.

InnovaCare has managed to bring together Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Plans as well as Physician Practice Services. They’ve fully integrated with most of the modern advanced technologies.