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New Car Seat Laws In Pennsylvania: Explained By Litigation Attorney, Karl Heideck

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has enacted various safety laws to keep drivers and the passenger’s safe on the road. The most recent law requires every driver to secure their children who are two years or younger in safety belts that faces the rear of the car until the child reaches the manufacturer’s requirements for weight and height. Failure to follow the set guidelines will lead to a penalty of up to $75.

The law was actually in effect since last year, but then, traffic offices were directed to issue a warning to those who violated the law. The question lingering in many people mind is, why face the rear of the car?

Well, Karl Heideck, a litigation attorney, explains that children placed in a rear-facing car seat are at a low risk of being seriously injured in a car crash. Since children at this age are not able to endure the impact of a collision, this position is the safest place to protect their head, necks, and spine in case of a crash.

The law was enacted to reduce the number of children’s death experienced in the last few years. A study conducted between 2010-2014 shows that a majority of children who died in car crashes were either improperly restrained or had not been restrained at all.

Karl Heideck: A Talented Attorney

Karl Heideck is an experienced Philadelphia-based attorney focusing his practice in litigation, compliance, and risk management. He is also a contract lawyer. Karl acquired bachelors of Arts in 2003, from Swarthmore College and but later decided to join legal studies at Temple University where he graduated with Juris Doctors.

Since he acquired his license to practice law in 2010, Karl has been involved actively in numerous cases, most of which deal with unemployment laws, civil litigation, corporate laws, product liability, and arbitration, and corporate laws. He has held various positions with different Philadelphia law firms for the last seven years. Karl Heideck notes that he is always looking forward to applying his legal knowledge and skills in challenging new cases.

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Benevolence and business acumen has significantly contributed to the fame of Adam Milstein. His prominence in the Israeli real estate industry is unequaled. Adam Milstein’s serves as a manager at Hager Pacific Properties. Under his watch, the firm has acquired a lot of property and has experienced notable growth in profit margins. Adam Milstein is a reputable person to his fellow citizens which is relevant to his realtor market.

Adam Milstein uses his vast resources in ensuring that young Jewish Students preserves their cultural heritage. Mrs. Milstein complements the husband`s philanthropic deeds through Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization aims at mentoring and teaching young Jews and strengthening them to stick to their cultural beliefs.

Adam`s pursuit of the peaceful relationship between the United States of America and his mother-land made him form the Israeli-American Council. He has worked tirelessly to ensure its steady growth for the achievement of the formulated mission and vision. His advocacy through the council has not gone without being credited. Through the Israel-American Council, some policies made by the US over the Israel immigrants has been deemed unconstitutional.

Adam has experience with the cases of immigrants’ rights since he was once an immigrant in the US. He has used his knowledge, and the experience acquired to fight for the laws that violate the rights of the Jewish community in America. Mr. Milstein values his culture, in that he has written various articles about Israeli cultures that will promote and enhance the literacy of his Jewish community.

Adam Milstein believes that Jews have made great leaps of success in the political, scientific and arts arena. However, he feels that the challenges that the Jews face are increasing as each day dawns. Cultural interaction and intermarriages have significantly contributed to the declining population and heritage of the Jews. Milstein feels that in spite of his support for the Israeli-American Council, the organization has not been able to remove the obstacles that separate the Jews in America and their heritage in Israel. He believes that the conservative Jews have a great responsibility to share their traditions with these Israeli Americans to assist them to connect with well.

Adam Milstein Advocacy for Jews and His Philanthropy

Adam is a renowned investor in real estate. He is a partner at ‘Hager Pacific Properties’. His passion for giving back to the community has made him stand out as one of the leading Jewish philanthropists in America. He is also a pro- Israel champion who has over the years encouraged the younger generation of Jews to learn how to read Hebrew and also write in the language. In encouraging this literacy, he points out that it is one of the sure ways that Jews can connect with their culture and religion. His generous contribution goes to Jewish communities across the globe.

Family Foundation

As an established real estate dealer, Milstein and Gila, his wife, founded a family foundation that would work with organizations strengthening and supporting the Jewish people, US- Israel Friendship and the State of Israel. Adam Milstein believes in Israel and was in the ‘Yom Kippur War before moving to America in 1981. While in the US, he went to ‘University of Southern California’ to study business.

Not only does the foundation offer financial assistance to causes it believes in, it also gives technical assistance to organizations and projects aligned with its purpose. Through it efforts of fostering cooperation in activists for Israel, the foundation aspires to create partnerships that boost pro-Israel groups to reach more Israeli people and make a resounding impact.

The ‘Adam Milstein Podcast’

In order to reach a wider audience and impart his broad knowledge on the younger generation of Israel, Adam uses several channels. He targets children from the age of two, adolescents and young adults. His podcast features a lot of conversations with leaders, activists, policymakers and artists who champion issues related to Israel and her prosperity.


Some of the professionals and leaders he has featured on his podcast include: Haim Saban, an established Israeli-American media personality. Dennis Prager, an author and radio personality has also been featured. Yesh Atid’s founder and former chairman, Yair Lapid, has also been featured on the show. Issues such as media, the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate and how young Israeli adults can be encouraged to participate in their country’s political movement are discussed.


Immigrant Challenges and the Organizations that Support Them

Immigrants around the world go through numerous challenges. Majority of them are discriminated, trafficked into slavery, sexually abused and even killed. Hundreds of migrants have lost their lives as they try to access other countries either running away from civil wars in their countries or trying to seek for a better living. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

Most immigrants have been drowning in the ocean of discrimination as they try to sneak into Europe and many have died at the Mexican border, trying to move into the United States.

Seeing the danger that fellow human beings were going through, various organizations and groups have come up with the main purpose of articulating and advocating for the rights of immigrants and their families.

Unitarian Universalities (UU) Refugee and Immigrant Services and Education (UURISE)

The organization is instrumental in providing the low-cost immigration counseling as well as representation. The organization also provides refugee resettlement services, education and advocacy programs that are aimed at helping both immigrants and refugees.

Over the years, the organization has been conducting outreach programs to immigrant victims of human trafficking, persecution, torture, domestic violence and other human crimes that violets the rights of the people.

American Immigration Council

There have been great efforts of advocating for the enactment of the policies concerning immigrants. American Immigration Council is known for its expertise in immigration law, education, exchange programs and advocacy for the well-being of immigrants. This is the organization that has been widely involved in the crafting and shaping of immigration policies.

Border Action Network

The organization is based in Arizona. It works with both the immigration and border communities in the Southern Arizona to protect the rights and the dignity of the immigrants.

The organization works through a combination of grassroots communities organizing, leadership, litigation and policy advocacy. The organization also enlightens the indigenous communities on the rights of immigrants. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Coalition of Immokalee Workers

This is a community-based organization that comprises mainly the Latinos, Mayan Indian and Haitian immigrants who work on low-wage tasks in the whole state of Florida.

The organization seeks to build strong bonds and coalitions across ethnic divisions with an aim of benefitting all the workers in the form of them getting decent wages, protection as their rights respected.

Lacy and Larkin Frontera Fund

This foundation has been on the forefront of fighting for and articulating for the civil, human and immigrants’ rights in the Arizona and as along the Mexican border.

Established by Phoenix New Times and Village Voice media co-founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin the foundation has been strongly supporting groups that advocate for civil, human and the rights of migrants.

The organization was formed after the release of the two journalists who had been arrested after daringly running a story that featured Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The story was instrumental in exposing a huge jury proceeding that was being used to seek for notes and articles to cover the Sheriff. Upon their release, the two sued the county, won the case and awarded for damages.