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Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a known mathematician from America who majors in probability and harmonic analysis amongst others. He has been a member of Georgian Institute of technology for decades. This is where he based his research in his field. He graduated with a doctorate in philosophy from University of Illinois.

Before he graduated, he researched on probability and solved law of iterated logarithm, which became his thesis. Michael Lacey is a hardworking man who puts hard work to his research and therefore earning him awards.

During his research in his early years of fellowship at National Science Foundation, he partnered with Christoph in the study of Hilbert transform, whereby they received Salem Prize as an award for their ability to solve the problem. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

He has also received a Guggenheim fellowship for other partnerships. In the recent years, he has received a fellowship with the American Mathematical Society which has served him as amongst his greatest achievements, as he pursues his career in Mathematics.

In addition, he has been a mentor to many undergraduates and graduates in the field of pure Mathematics. Furthermore, he has advised several of them who have gone from undergraduate and pursued graduate programs that are leading.

The students who have passed through his classes have been successful in securing good job opportunities in different industries, where they become highly paid due to their experiences and job know how. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Additionally, he has worked as training grants director such as the awards from NSF. In conclusion, Michael Lacey is an approachable professor who has time to advise and work on his research. His main focus is on helping the world solve its problems by means of mathematics.


Market America’s Source of Power and Success

Market America has established itself as one of the best companies to sell products for. To make things even better, it also helps people make money with their own business by offering them products that are very innovative, When people look at the options they have in the products offer, they can see that they have a really good chance at making profits. For one thing, the products that are chosen are carefully picked out by the network so that marketers do not have to worry about as much returns as with other companies. The one question that remains is the source of Market America‘s power and success.

One major source of power and success that Market America cites is people. The company itself says that it is powered by people. The website lists accomplishments from people that own their own un-franchises. The site also talks about the journeys they have taken to get to the level of success that they have reached. Among the factors listed in the success of each person are hard work and determination. As a matter of fact, most people who start a business have to work really hard at bringing in the customers.

To go along with the hard work is enjoyment. People who enjoy their journeys are going to make it in an easier way. Miserable marketers are more likely to give up. Market America encourages people to find some kind of enjoyment in what they do. If they can’t enjoy it, then it is better for them to find something else that they would enjoy so that they can reduce the pressure that they are put under. Market America shows that making money does not have to be such a hard and miserable process. There can be a lot of enjoyment in running a business.

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The successful Journey of Nathaniel Ru on Sweetgreen

The Successful Journey of Nathaniel Ru on Sweetgreen

As we all know, business success is a journey that starts with ideas which are implemented and managed well. Nathaniel Ru and his two friends came up with the idea of starting a restaurant while they were still at Georgetown University. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

The idea was as a result of the difficulty they faced in finding a good place to eat .They started implementing the idea one semester before they finished school. They got a space to start their restaurant at M street after a persuasive and tireless explanation to their landlord who turned out to be the owner the place.

Sweetgreen stated by making salads that were made from organic vegetables and ingredients from the local farmers. The primary goal of the three classmates was to deliver better and healthy food to their customers.

Nathaniel Ru believed that people don’t buy what you do, but instead, they buy how you do it. Sweet green has continued to expand their services from serving healthy and organic salads to foods as well as providing entertainment to its customers. Ru is dedicated to ensuring that all the stores maintain the core values of the company by serving the community.

The three co-founders came up with five values that are found in the kitchen in every store that sweet green owns. These values include keeping it real, adding sweet in their brand name which they had previously named it green. The third one was to make an impact on their businesses and the community. They also focused on making sustainable decisions which were their fourth value and the final one which is majorly emphasized is winning whereby a victory for one is supposed to be a victory to all. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork and Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

Sweetgreen has now come up with new ways of attracting customers to their restaurants. They have made a connection between music and food which has attracted many customers to buy their food. The three have created a music food experience which has made the restaurants to be a lifestyle brand.

Sweetgreen has a mobile app which connects all the customers to these stores. The company is looking forward to teaching students in schools on healthy eating. Sweetgreen has now opened 77 stores all over the United States and outside. The company has also created employment opportunities for over 3500 employees.

Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman have made Sweetgreen a place to rely on for entertainment, best salads as well as meals.Their determination and dedication to providing good services have led to the success of all their stores.


Imran Haque Delivers Quality Healthcare with Internal Medicine

Imran Haque, the Universidad Iberoamerican graduate in Medicine and Surgery has grown to become a reliable medical service provider in the whole of Asheboro located in North Carolina. He also went to the University of Virginia in pursuit of postgraduate studies in Internal Medicine. After a series of medical training, Imran Haque gained a wealth of experience which to the licensing of his practices as an internal medicine specialist. His career took the course when he established Horizontal Internal Medicine and he has used this medical facility in delivering extensive healthcare with the use of modern technology. The medical services that he provides include 360 resurfacing, Venus body contouring, diabetes management and much more. Besides, he also works in many other hospitals which include Randolph Hospital and much more.

His medical facility offers medical examinations for a wide spectrum of ailments through check-ups and detailed diagnosis. Many people from different cities have gone to Horizontal Internal Medicine to seek treatment for their diseases and indeed Imran Haque has constantly delivered quality healthcare to the best of his ability. All by himself he would not have had come this far with his medical practices but by the reliable assistance that he has been getting from his fellow doctors and able physicians. This skilled team of medics has worked together to ensure that once they offer treatments for disease, they do not recur in their patients. Professionalism and constant dedication towards work have been the cornerstone of the incredible performances at Horizontal Internal Medicine.

Most importantly, Imran Haque was inspired to start Horizontal Internal Medicine because of the urge to provide this unique medical assistance to his local communities. The invention of modern technology in healthcare sectors has also been of great assistance in medical care delivery. This new trend has simplified data collection, analysis, storage and retrieval for the many patients that he attends to every single day.

The act of showing kindness and respect to people he serves and works with has enabled his business to thrive hence contributing to his success as an entrepreneur. For Imran Haque, one must always have people they look up to for them to match their standards hence learning from the best and Barack Obama has always been that person for him.