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Inspiring Humanitarian Aspects of Betsy Devos

Born on January 8, 1958, Elisabeth Prince, well known as Betsy Devos, is an American politician, philanthropist, businesswoman, educational activist and an entrepreneur. She is from West Michigan and serves as the 11th and current United States Secretary of Education. Betsy Devos has never shied away from advocating for school choice, voucher programs in private schools and the introduction of charter schools in the education field.


Betsy Devos is always passionate about giving back to the society through her charitable activities. Betsy and her husband Richard Marvin popularly known as Dick Devos in 1989 founded the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation. The foundation primarily contributes to organizations such as schools, churches, arts, hospitals and evangelical missions among others. The Devos foundation mainly supports the transformation of five areas which include education, arts, leadership, community, and justice.


In 2015, Dick & Betsy Devos summed their donations to$ 11.6 million bringing their lifetime donations to $ 139 million. The Devos Foundation was ranked number 24 by Forbes in 2015 on its America’s top givers. Some of the organizations funded by the couple areMichigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center, Baptist for Life, Institute for Justice, and Right to Life Michigan Educational Fund among others.


With Betsy’s passion for education, from 1999 to 2014, Betsy has seen the foundation support education fully. She has donated at least $ 8.6 million to private Christian schools, $ 59.7 million to public schools and $ 5.2 million to charter schools. Some of the specific examples are $ 652,000 to the Ada Christian School, $ 2.39 million to Grand Rapids Christian High School and $ 458,000 to Holland Christian School, just to mention a few.


In 2009, Betsy Devos with the help of her son, Rick Devos, founded ArtPrize, an international art competition. Art contestants globally compete in Grand Rapids with the best ones being awarded. By 2016, its budget was $ 3.5 million annual budget donated by the Dick & Betsy Devos Foundation to see the art talent growing to greater heights.


In politics, Betsy Devos has been active for years. From 1992 to 1997, Betsy was a Republican National Committeewoman from Michigan. From 1996 to 2000, Betsy served as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and was reelected in 2003. She is a member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Moreover, Betsy is the chairwoman of the Acton Institute and the Alliance for School Choice board and also heads All Children Matter PAC. She uses all her platforms to fight for educational activities.


Betsy Devos was born and raised in Holland, Michigan. She attended Holland Christian High School. Later, she joined Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in business economics. Betsy Devos is positive about education and helping the society live comfortably.


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Adam Milstein Career Life as a Real Estate Investor

Few people in the world will put away their luxurious lives so that they can help the needy communities in the world. Adam Milstein is one of these few people. The businessman is a respected real estate investor, philanthropist and community leader. Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel, and he has done his best to maintain a close relationship with the country over the years. The community leader has been instrumental in advocating for peace and harmony in Israel since childhood.

The Israel native had an opportunity to serve at the famous Yom Kippur War that took place in Israel. His parents took him to a learning institution known as Technion where he graduated in the year 1978. In the year 1981, the young Adam felt that it was time to look for greener pastures, and he chose to do this by settling in the United States. Upon arrival, Adam decided to enroll for an MBA from a learning institution known as USC. In the year 1983, the businessman was ready to venture into the commercial real estate world. He chose to specialize in the Southern California region, and he has been doing great. At the moment, the community leader is serving as the managing partner at a real estate company called Hager Pacific Properties. The private real estate firm has grown tremendously under the watch of the successful philanthropist.

Apart from running a very successful commercial real estate firm, Milstein is a co-founder and also the National Chairman of the famous institution called Israeli-American Council. Due to his involvement in philanthropic activities, the businessman has been selected to sit on several boards. Most of these organizations specialize in community initiatives, and they include StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network and several others. His contributions in these boards of directors have been instrumental in his profitable career.

The community leader has been offered numerous supports by his wife, Gila Milstein. Together they have introduced an organization called Milstein Family Foundation. The institution is nonprofit making, and it has impacted millions of students who have Israel origin. The foundation connects the young people with their home country.

Making Workplace Conditions Fair and Safe: James Larkin’s Legacy

James Larkin, nicknamed Big Jim, was born in Liverpool, England, on January 21, 1876. He grew up in the slums with little education available to him because his family was poor. As a youth Larkin was forced to work in order to supplement his family’s meager income. He held a wide variety of odd jobs before eventually working as a foreman at the Liverpool Docks. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

In 1905 Larkin joined the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) where he became a trade union organizer. He was in that position for two years before he was transferred to Dublin. He couldn’t believe the terrible work conditions and lack of a union to represent workers so he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union.

Larkin was not a man to settle for what he thought was wrong so he went on to found the Irish Labour Party. He organized many strikes in an effort to get working conditions improved. The biggest strike he was responsible for took 8 months and included 100,000 workers. It was named the 1913 Dublin Lockout.

When World War I commenced James Larkin traveled to the United States to stage anti-war demonstrations. He also promoted his socialist views while attempting to raise money on his pipe dream to fight the British. His efforts were not well received in fact, he was imprisoned for three years before finally being deported home to Ireland.

Larkin led a life in service to others all the way up until the day he died on January 30, 1947. He is best remembered for a phrase he lived by ‘A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay’.

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James Larkin

First holdings Wikipedia

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How Hager Pacific Managing Partner Followed His Dream Successfully

Adam Milstein, is the managing partner of Hager Pacific properties which is a private real estate investment firm. He is a Technion graduate and earned an MBA from the USC.Adam is a well-known philanthropist, real estate investor and a great community leader. He began his career in 1983 as commercial real estate in southern California after relocating to the USA in 1981 from Israel. Adam also the began National Chairman of the Israel American Council and oversees the expansion. He sits on the board of several companies including Israel on campus coalition, stand with us, Hasbara fellowships, Jewish funders networks, AIPAC national council and Much more. Together with his lovely wife Gila Adam they began SifriyatPijama America which is an organization that provides free Hebrews books every month reaching more than 15000 Jews -American families in the US.

Adam began Hager Pacific properties after finishing his MBA; he felt he couldn’t get a job that paid him what he was worth and he went out on his own to start the real estate commercial brokerage firm. Hager Pacific deals with repositioning, renovation, and reuse of the properties. The company manages over 2300 apartment and over 12million square foot of industrial and commercial properties. The company has a portfolio with a value of $ of around 2 billion.

The company has various offices with Adam managing the San Fernando Valley office. Adam involves himself in Philanthropy making his job more satisfying. He believes that as an entrepreneur you need to understand the issue then follow up consistently. Adam believes in pushing until you achieve his goal. Adam doesn’t believe in goal setting as he feels that limits him but says one you begin something push until you are successful.

Adam and his wife have three children and run the Adam and Gila foundation whose primary mission is to educate the Jews in Israel and create ties with the US. The belief in funding but also investing their time to ensure the success of the foundation. They also believe in engaging their target from a young age and combining the resources with other organizations to amplify the effect of the funds.

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David McDonald is a True Entrepreneur Leader

David McDonald is a successful entrepreneur and an effective financial specialist. As a kid he experienced a childhood with the homesteads of Iowa, the present OSI Group president McDonald built up enthusiasm for horticulture industry at an early age. Chipping away at the ranch made him want to enhance the operations of the business.

His parents were not well off, but they helped in supporting his dream by making sure that he received a decent education. In 1987, McDonald joined Iowa State University and enrolled in a four-year college education and majored in creature science. In the wake of finishing his examinations at the Iowa State University or simply Iowa State, he joined the Chicago-based OSI ventures in the year 1991. Through diligent work and respectability, McDonald has risen through the organization’s authority positions and became the organization’s chief operations officer as well as the President. His extraordinary administration and exceptional accomplishments earned him the Outstanding Senior Award given by Wallace E. Barron. Today David McDonald standout amongst as the most respected experts in the business.

OSI aggregate is the World’s leading provider of significant value, including proteins, for example, hamburger patties, pizza, frankfurter interfaces, and sandwiches. Currently, it has more than fifty offices dispersed in more than 17 nations including China, where the company has eight operational plants. McDonald intends to influence the OSI to Amass, the biggest maker of poultry items in China nation. To this end, the firm made a joint venture with the DOYOO Group in the year 2012 and propelled a manufacturing plant in the Henan territory that year.

Also, MacDonald has a responsibility in China, where he has guided the organization through numerous other lucrative activities. In 2012 alone, the organization propelled a few undertakings which incorporated the extension of the Poland Beef-handling production line by 30 percent, building another solidified office for preparing food in India and beginning an advanced encourage process in the Shandong region. The Bolster plant’s yearly limit is around 600,000 metric tons. Others expected are in Geneva and Hungary.

In its process of expanding its market in Europe, the organization gained Baho Food in the year 2016. McDonald commended the securing as a huge venture that compliments the OSI’s as of now existing items like this expanding their request. These triumphs are aftereffects of the OSI meeting’s to stay aware of worldwide trends. McDonald made this conceivable by making an ideal coordination between the organization’s worldwide strategic groups and neighborhood operations.


How to Choose a Freedom Life Insurance Policy

People can ease their worry over how bills will be paid if they die by purchasing a life insurance policy. There are many life insurance companies out there, so people should shop around to find one perfectly suited to their personalized needs.

According to Bloomberg, a good company to consider is Freedom Life Insurance. There are two major options of life insurance, term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance is for a set amount of time. This is a good selection if an individual only needs covered for perhaps a 20 year period.

A term life insurance policy would guarantee payment of future child college education costs should the policy holder come to an untimely death.

A term life insurance policy generally has lower premiums. However, after the term period expires, the policy ends. Some term life policies allow individuals renewal, thereby continuing the insurance at a higher premium cost. The drawbacks to this insurance option are that the premiums do not accrue into tax-deferred monetary savings like most permanent life insurance policies. Learn more about Freedom Life Insurance:

The policy holder is not allowed to borrow interest money from their policy like many permanent life insurance plans. Some term life insurance companies require the policy holder to pass a medical exam before renewal in order to benefit from their lower premiums.

Life insurance premiums are typically much lower the younger the policy holders are. This is one reason why buying permanent life insurance at a younger age is often the best deal. The policy holder also has the option of borrowing any savings funds that accrue over time. This money is tax-deferred.

These savings are available in cases where a person is no longer able to pay their premium costs. Freedom Life Insurance offers competitive permanent life insurance polices that have outstanding benefits.

Customers are excited about Freedom Life Insurance policy rates. They offer a number of term life polices with fantastic premiums and more than adequate coverage.

There are fantastic deals on long-term permanent insurance plans. Choose from whole life, universal life, variable life or combination life policies. Ask for Freedom Life Insurance quotes.

New Car Seat Laws In Pennsylvania: Explained By Litigation Attorney, Karl Heideck

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has enacted various safety laws to keep drivers and the passenger’s safe on the road. The most recent law requires every driver to secure their children who are two years or younger in safety belts that faces the rear of the car until the child reaches the manufacturer’s requirements for weight and height. Failure to follow the set guidelines will lead to a penalty of up to $75.

The law was actually in effect since last year, but then, traffic offices were directed to issue a warning to those who violated the law. The question lingering in many people mind is, why face the rear of the car?

Well, Karl Heideck, a litigation attorney, explains that children placed in a rear-facing car seat are at a low risk of being seriously injured in a car crash. Since children at this age are not able to endure the impact of a collision, this position is the safest place to protect their head, necks, and spine in case of a crash.

The law was enacted to reduce the number of children’s death experienced in the last few years. A study conducted between 2010-2014 shows that a majority of children who died in car crashes were either improperly restrained or had not been restrained at all.

Karl Heideck: A Talented Attorney

Karl Heideck is an experienced Philadelphia-based attorney focusing his practice in litigation, compliance, and risk management. He is also a contract lawyer. Karl acquired bachelors of Arts in 2003, from Swarthmore College and but later decided to join legal studies at Temple University where he graduated with Juris Doctors.

Since he acquired his license to practice law in 2010, Karl has been involved actively in numerous cases, most of which deal with unemployment laws, civil litigation, corporate laws, product liability, and arbitration, and corporate laws. He has held various positions with different Philadelphia law firms for the last seven years. Karl Heideck notes that he is always looking forward to applying his legal knowledge and skills in challenging new cases.

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Benevolence and business acumen has significantly contributed to the fame of Adam Milstein. His prominence in the Israeli real estate industry is unequaled. Adam Milstein’s serves as a manager at Hager Pacific Properties. Under his watch, the firm has acquired a lot of property and has experienced notable growth in profit margins. Adam Milstein is a reputable person to his fellow citizens which is relevant to his realtor market.

Adam Milstein uses his vast resources in ensuring that young Jewish Students preserves their cultural heritage. Mrs. Milstein complements the husband`s philanthropic deeds through Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization aims at mentoring and teaching young Jews and strengthening them to stick to their cultural beliefs.

Adam`s pursuit of the peaceful relationship between the United States of America and his mother-land made him form the Israeli-American Council. He has worked tirelessly to ensure its steady growth for the achievement of the formulated mission and vision. His advocacy through the council has not gone without being credited. Through the Israel-American Council, some policies made by the US over the Israel immigrants has been deemed unconstitutional.

Adam has experience with the cases of immigrants’ rights since he was once an immigrant in the US. He has used his knowledge, and the experience acquired to fight for the laws that violate the rights of the Jewish community in America. Mr. Milstein values his culture, in that he has written various articles about Israeli cultures that will promote and enhance the literacy of his Jewish community.

Adam Milstein believes that Jews have made great leaps of success in the political, scientific and arts arena. However, he feels that the challenges that the Jews face are increasing as each day dawns. Cultural interaction and intermarriages have significantly contributed to the declining population and heritage of the Jews. Milstein feels that in spite of his support for the Israeli-American Council, the organization has not been able to remove the obstacles that separate the Jews in America and their heritage in Israel. He believes that the conservative Jews have a great responsibility to share their traditions with these Israeli Americans to assist them to connect with well.

Adam Milstein Advocacy for Jews and His Philanthropy

Adam is a renowned investor in real estate. He is a partner at ‘Hager Pacific Properties’. His passion for giving back to the community has made him stand out as one of the leading Jewish philanthropists in America. He is also a pro- Israel champion who has over the years encouraged the younger generation of Jews to learn how to read Hebrew and also write in the language. In encouraging this literacy, he points out that it is one of the sure ways that Jews can connect with their culture and religion. His generous contribution goes to Jewish communities across the globe.

Family Foundation

As an established real estate dealer, Milstein and Gila, his wife, founded a family foundation that would work with organizations strengthening and supporting the Jewish people, US- Israel Friendship and the State of Israel. Adam Milstein believes in Israel and was in the ‘Yom Kippur War before moving to America in 1981. While in the US, he went to ‘University of Southern California’ to study business.

Not only does the foundation offer financial assistance to causes it believes in, it also gives technical assistance to organizations and projects aligned with its purpose. Through it efforts of fostering cooperation in activists for Israel, the foundation aspires to create partnerships that boost pro-Israel groups to reach more Israeli people and make a resounding impact.

The ‘Adam Milstein Podcast’

In order to reach a wider audience and impart his broad knowledge on the younger generation of Israel, Adam uses several channels. He targets children from the age of two, adolescents and young adults. His podcast features a lot of conversations with leaders, activists, policymakers and artists who champion issues related to Israel and her prosperity.


Some of the professionals and leaders he has featured on his podcast include: Haim Saban, an established Israeli-American media personality. Dennis Prager, an author and radio personality has also been featured. Yesh Atid’s founder and former chairman, Yair Lapid, has also been featured on the show. Issues such as media, the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate and how young Israeli adults can be encouraged to participate in their country’s political movement are discussed.