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Whitney Wolfe Introduces Strong Dating App Environment

Whitney Wolfe is a very deficient business woman that is helping many other women see a pathway to getting into the business world of apps. When Forbes put Whitney Wolfe Herd  on the cover of the magazine they were putting a spotlight on a woman that was part of the 30 Under 30 crowd of entrepreneurs that are taking over the business world.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to do a considerable amount of work with social media apps with a specialization in dating app technology. Bumble is the app that she created, and this was followed by a Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. These are all environments that are conducive to helping more people find friends, dates and network associates through an app. This is what Forbes has recognized Whitney Wolfe Herd for. Many people are highly surprised that she is someone that has as many as three different components to her app, but she has been slowly unveiling the different aspects of Bumble that makes it unique.

The good thing that many people will discover about Bumble is that it is the type of app that can help just about anyone. Everyone that is online is not always going to be looking for that significant other because they may already be in a relationship. There are some people that are single and fine with being single. The reality, however, is that everyone can always use a friend at some time in life. They may not be in a city where they get a chance to know anyone that has similar interests. This is why the Bumble BFF component of this company is so intriguing. That allows those people that may have never had access to any type of outlet for meeting friends to build friendships.

The same can go for the connection to Bumble Bizz. People that are really trying to build up their network circle will definitely say that Bumble provides them with this outlet to do so. People are also excited about the dating portion of this app if that is what they would like to do.

Bob Reina Makes TV Appearance to Promote Talk Fusion

The founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, made an appearance on WFTS in Tampa, Florida, where he discussed his company. WFTS is a local news affiliate of ABC News. During his time on air, Bob Reina discussed what products Talk Fusion offers, how his company got started and the special deals the company currently offers.

Talk Fusion was created by Bob Reina when he was out looking at vacation homes to buy in North Carolina. He wanted to send a video in an email to family back home in Florida when he realized that the video was too big. That let him to a search to find a way to embed videos in email without the limitations put on him by email providers such as AOL at the time.

Since its founding, Talk Fusion has grown tremendously from offering only video email services to live video chats, live video meetings and the ability to communicate on video through a smartphone. Talk Fusion has one of the clearest and sharpest video quality so it is perfect for live video meetings where information may be shared or presented.

The company has evolved in becoming a leader in video marketing. Companies and small businesses can use Talk Fusion video solutions as an interactive way to get people to sign up using interactive sign up emails. Embedded emails can also be used to market products directly to somebody in an email. Research has shown that graphical presentations of information whether pictorial or video can be highly effective.

Bob Reina also talked about a trial offer that Talk Fusion is now offering. Any person or company can try Talk Fusion for free for 30 days. No credit card is required for this trial. All that is needed for the free trail is a valid email address.

Mr. Reina also mentioned on WFTS that any animal based non-profit group can contact Talk Fusion and get their best video package service for free. Bob Reina is an animal lover and loves to give back to the community. By giving animal non-profits free access to Talk Fusion’s award winning services, he believes he can help them fundraise and raise awareness.