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Handy Dominates the Home Cleaning Service as Rival Closes Shop

Work demands coupled by busy schedules are increasingly denying Americans free time to tend to their house cleaning duties. However, the emergence of professional, mobile and online house cleaning and repair entities like Handy is quickly filling this void. According to an article published by Techcruch in October 2014, Handy, which began operations in 2012 is recording over $1 million bookings every week, a figure that has seen the start up achieve a run rate of $52 million. As of July 2015, the company had operations in close to 30 cities in the US and Canada. The entity was Co-Founded by Uman Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, who were roommates at Harvard.

Bookings for services can be made via a dedicated mobile app. This move was initiated by the growing need to ensure service convenience. The other notable area of interest is the competitive wage and flex work schedule that is enjoyed by the company’s professional cleaners. The staff members can expect an average pay of $18 an hour and opportunity to pick their own working hours. These attractive terms of service and compensation saw the company attract over 200,000 applications for various positions, including cleaner and handyman position, which covers repair and plumbing services.

To ensure utmost consumer confidence, Handy undertakes mandatory background checks on all its workers. This scrutiny is undertaken at both the county and national level. Not long ago, the company established a furniture delivery and assembly service called Handy Delivery to build on its solid goodwill. The competitive nature of the home cleaning service in recent years has witnessed numerous consolidations and closures in equal measure. In November 2015, Fortune Magazine reported that Handy’s New York City rival and the first on-demand startup called Homejoy had decided folded up abruptly after it failed to raise capital.

Following the decision, the company had to grapple with numerous lawsuits from its employees, whom it classified as contractors instead of employees. In spite of the heartbreaking news, Handy went on to successfully raise $50 million in a new round of funding just a few months after Homejoy’s closure. The investment partners included; Fidelity, Revolution Growth, General Catalysts, Highland Capital and TPG Growth. The company CEO Oisin Hanrahan told Forbes that his company’s was going strong because 80% of its bookings stems from existing customers. The company also undertakes a strategy of enrolling clients for future recurring cleaning services through its automated system.