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Doe Deere Discovered Her Business Acumen Early In Life

Some people are lucky enough to discover their passions very early in life. They may realize they love to do sporting events or they are good at math or they can sing really love. One person who has discovered what life has to offer her is business woman and expert makeup artist Doe Deere. From an early age in life, began to realize that she had two twin passions. Her first was for the world of makeup. She realized that she loved this field and wanted to be a part of it in every possible way. She also realized that she loved the world of business and wanted to develop her own personal business for others to enjoy. As a business woman, she has been at the forefront of the world of online makeup retailing, showing her clients that they can find the kind of items they want to use on their own faces right from the very comfort of their own homes.

Her Own Business

As the owner of Lime Crime, Deere is someone who has devoted her entire life to the process of bringing makeup to those who want to have it on hand at all times. She knows that her business can offer them this. This is why she began Lime Crime. Her aim was to start a business that would be all about offering high quality items that Deere knew that others would love and adore. She knows her audience and knows it well. This is why she has been able to see the company expand into all kinds of new markets all over the net and continually offer new products that she knows people will enjoy. She has dedicated her time over the course of the past few years to helping people find such products. Her efforts have been about seeing a vision that she held inside come out in a way that has helped her serve the needs of her fans who have come to her and been happy to discover how much they can benefit from her products and her loving advice. Her business is one where the customer is front and center at all times.

Finding Passion

Finding passion has been her life and been one where she has been able to have a life of her own. Her life is about showing people that they can do the same. Even as a young child, she realized that she had a passion for the world of business. Her passion has never left her. Lime Crime is her own personal venture and one that she works on each day of the year. Here, she can offer assistance for people who want to find makeup that is about loving one’s body and loving one’s life at the same time. She brings her own sense of passionate intensity to this world and a unique kind of energy that has allowed her company to remain at the very forefront of the world of online makeup trends.

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Doe Gives an Interview with Galore

Lime Crime is one of the hottest cosmetics brands in the industry. Every day, women around the world turn to Lime Crime for their unique brand of makeup. Recently, Doe Deere sat down with a popular beauty magazine to discuss her success and how she feels about the industry as a whole.

Much of Doe’s success can be credited to the Instagram revolution. Millions of users flock to Instagram every day to look at unique pictures shared by other users, and many of those people follow Doe. Doe’s pictures are extremely colorful, and typically feature her wearing a truly unique shade of lipstick or an exciting t-shirt. Doe loves going on Instagram and interacting with her followers, but she is much more than just a pretty face to put on Instagram. Behind all those colorful pictures is a brilliant business mind.

Doe started the interview by discussing her upbringing. Doe is quick to mention that she was always an extremely creative child. She loved bright colors and she always loved mixing the different colors with each other. She is overjoyed to work with color as an adult. To her it feels like cheating, and she feels extremely blessed to have the opportunity.

Doe then went on to discuss her first cosmetics memory. She recalled a slumber party. Her and her nine-year-old friends tried on various types of make-up and tried on various outfits. They had an amazing time playing with the make-up together.

Doe loves running an internet based business. Her customers are able to give her instant feedback and discuss the product with her. She can roll out new product quickly and discuss potential new products with her audience. It can also be frustrating because people can turn on your product quickly.

Lime Crime is an incredibly important company today, and it is thanks to Doe’s leadership. Doe is glad to work for Lime Crime.  Be sure to check out their famous Velvetines for yourself, or follow them on social media for news and updates.  Lime Crime has both a popular Facebook presence, as well as Twitter.

Doe Deere Leader of a Style Revolution

In a recent article published by Bustle, Marlen Komar discussed the impact Doe Deere and her cosmetic line, Lime Crime, is having on popular culture.

Doe Deere is a counter-culture fashion icon. Deere is blessed with the good looks of a Katy Perry remodeled as a pop culture figure. She presents her counter-cultural ideas to the targeted teen-aged consumer with her cosmetics line, and herself as a newly popular personality in the style of Madonna, who has profited from her brand as a representative of the popular culture. Deere is attempting to create a brand based on herself first and then her product line, Lime Crime. She is a compelling personality, attractive and making profound style statements, which are reminiscent of Lady Gaga and before her Marilyn Manson and the late David Bowie.

In the article Deere listed seven fashion rules which she liked to violate. One of the fashion laws stated that either a dramatic make-up statement should be made for the eye or mouth but not both. Deere disregards this as well as the one that states a profusion of different patterns should not be worn together. In Doe Deere’s world there can never be enough differences of patterns combined or an unsightly combination of colors. Open toed shoes combined with socks works for her also. Dress for your age? Forget that one. On the matter of occasion specific clothing she sees no need for that. What would she wear to a funeral? Scary thought.

The fashion world is shaped by designers from the major style houses in Europe and by popular figures in culture, athletes, actors and singers, but then there are the “celebrities”, the Kardashians are a good example, these “celebrities” walk a thin line between being fashionable without being too avant garde or being too established. Mix all these disparate elements together in the world’s fashion blender and see what you create. Today there is no ultimate fashion director. Yves St. Laurent may have been the last designer whose influence had an impact on all aspects of culture. Ralph Lauren can make a case for his own efforts as a chief impact-er on the fashion world, but the diversity of today denies any strict adherence to an established fashion sense.

Doe Deere is trying to build a brand for herself and for her cosmetics line, Lime Crime. Her personal style is refreshing and built on ideas of going against the grain. But, unfortunately, the fashion sense of the typical American established man or woman is lacking when compared to citizens from European countries. An innate sense of style for Americans is, sadly, lacking. While counter-culturalists for teenagers are in vogue, when these youths reach adulthood the more stringent rules of fashion and decorum will take over, setting laws of fashion that can not be broken in the corporate business world.


Doe Deere Commands Respect

Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere, commands respect because she is not afraid to defy traditional makeup rules. She is able to rock the boldest makeup colors with her marvelous pastel colored hair. Some might think that the pastel haired beauty would try to subdue her look with neutral colored makeup and clothing. Doe Deere thinks the exact opposite is appropriate for her and her unicorn followers. Her view is that bold colors are more becoming. Doe Deere looks tradition in the eye and is not afraid to go against common rules about wearing colors or makeup. Definitely, her belief is that more is more appealing.

Fashion Rule Breaker
Doe Deere believes that every year fashion experts set down a few rules that everyone follows. For example, they might state that this is the year to wear neutral colors like white, black, gray, tan, or even brown. Certainly, following the rules is alright, if you are puzzled about fashion, makeup, and colors in general. She believes that everyone needs to learn the basic rules about makeup and fashion. Only those that understand the basic fashion and makeup rules are able to break them with style. Certainly, Doe Deere is one very creative person that loves playing around with wild colors and unique patterns. Her sound advice for women is to be bold, break the rules. Following the rules is just far too boring. Certainly, the founder of Lime Crime has a very unique approach to makeup and fashion that has encouraged her league of unicorn followers to think creatively.

Lime Crime Executive Doe Deere
The Lime Crime Executive, Doe Deere, has a very original approach to managing her business. Some executives rule their company with an iron fist. She believes that this drives a wedge between the leader and their support team. She believes that gaining the trust and respect of her employees is the way to lead a company to success.

Lime Crime has been around since 2008. Deere manages the cosmetic company with her husband, Mark. They’ve been together for a long time. In fact, they started out in a rock band about 16 years ago. Deere credits her husband with inspiring her to go for her dream, concerning starting a makeup company. Certainly, he is her rock and her inspiration.

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