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Brian Bonar’s Long and Noteworthy Career

Brian Bonar is currently the CEO of Trucept. Previously he was known for his work with Dalrada Financial Group. During his time with the company, he snagged the Executive of the Year in Cambridge. There are a limited number of individuals that qualify for this prestigious award. Many things are taken into account including demonstrated leadership, academic achievements, as well as professional achievements.

Brian Bonar has worked in the financial industry for several decades and has had and exemplary career in the process. He field of expertise is financial management and planning as well as sales, marketing, and marketing related techniques. This type of diverse background enables him to work in many different industries and be highly successful.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar attended the University of Strathclyde for Mechanical Engineering where he received his Master. He later received his doctorate from Stafford University. After attending college and working for some of the most prestigious companies in the country, he went on to work for Dalrada.

He was their vice president and shortly after the Executive VP. He worked his way up to Director of the company in 1995. He went on to work for IBM and later worked as the Director of Engineering for QMS. In that capacity, he oversaw a large team that was in charge of developing computer hardware and software.

Some other points of interest on his resume include working for Allegiant Professional Business Services as their President. He also worked for ITEC and founded AMS Outsourcing in California. He accepted his current position as CEO and Chairman for Trucept which is an insurance company in San Diego.

Trucept also provides temporary staff for companies that are located in the San Diego area. Trucept is a unique company that is fortunate to have the skilled leadership of the versatile and highly experienced Brian Bonar.