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Winter Fundraising Campaign That Will Benefit Homeless Animals

Many New York City professionals, including attorneys, are looking for ways to give back to the community. They are in a special position to raise awareness about different causes and to help as many people get on board with them. Many causes benefit others and even animals in a wide variety of ways. For example, in mid-January 2016, a New York City attorney launched a campaign that will benefit stray animals in the New York City area. Ross Abelow is well known New York City attorney who has more than 25 years of experience working on family law cases. He would like to raise $5,000.

Individuals who are interested in helping Ross Abelow collect $5,000 can donate money through the Go Fund Me page that has been set up in order to help animals that are suffering during these cold winter months. Individuals can make donations of any size. Once $5,000 has been collected, the money can go to shelters and benefit the animals. Unfortunately, many New York City animal shelters are facing problems that are causing them to turn away strays when they are in serious need of help.

Animal shelters in New York City and in other big cities in the United States are facing similar problems. First, they simply do not have space available to take care of needy animals. Second, they do not have cash to purchase necessary things like food and medicine for the animals. When there are enough funds on hand, these problems can be taken care of. Also, animals benefit in other ways. For example, they are able to visit veterinarians in order to get vaccinations or to be spayed and neutered. Also, they are usually put in adoption programs that ensure that they will never have to live on the streets again.

Many individuals have benefited from the counsel that Ross Abelow has provided working as a family law attorney. Also, individuals who are not even his clients have been able to benefit from his advice. He maintains a blog that addresses of variety of legal and financial issues. He is also active on a variety of social media sites. He regularly posts information to his Twitter and Facebook pages that help followers to stay up-to-date on legal matters and other issues.


Ross Abelow Seeks To Aid Animals As Winter Draws In

Well known New York family law expert, Ross Abelow has set his sights on a new goal as he looks to find the best ways of making sure homeless and vulnerable animals are cared for as the harsh New York winter takes hold. An area that causes concern for animal lovers each winter is the problem of animals being left in the cold because their owners are unable to care for them as times get hard. Ross Abelow is looking to assist the people and animals of the world by establishing a fund to raise around $5,000 in a bid to assist shelters caring for homeless animals during the winter months.

Shelters are generally overwhelmed during the winter months with animals who are often injured or undernourished after suffering long term neglect during the colder months of the year. The fund established by Abelow is designed to assist shelters with a number of supplies needed to care for animals who find themselves sick, hungry, or homeless during these colder months of the year. Abelow hopes the fund will provide a number of benefits for shelters, including a rising level of food, medical supplies, and blankets that will allow shelters to work with more animals than ever before.

Ross Abelow has been living and working in New York state for a number of decades, and is a well known figure for many who are involved in protecting animals from abuse and abandonment. Abelow has been working as a successful lawyer since he was licensed in New York State in 1990, and has found success and respect from his peers through his work as a family law expert.

Understanding the issues facing animals living on the streets is something Ross Abelow has been looking to do for a number of years along with his more than two decades of success as a lawyer. Making sure the animals of New York State are well cared for over the winter months is one of the causes Ross Abelow feels most strongly about.