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Davos Real Estate Group Launches a Mobile App

Executive Directors at Davos Real Estate Group have launched the company’s mobile app. The software, named as Davos CAP Calculator, is designed to help Davos clients to estimate the amount of returns to expect from any real estate investment that they are interested in. Other executives who were present during the launch are Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili.

Davos Real Estate Group ( Davos REG) is one of the many companies owned by Davos Financial group. The financial group mainly operates in Latin America. The entity has been in operation for at least two decades. REG was founded to specialize in real estate segment of the United States market.

The Davos CAP Calculator was under development for at least six months before it was launched in June 2016. To ensure that the app worked required by the real estate company, Davos REG assigned its Executive Director, Gerard Gonzalez to the project. This saw Gonzalez and Tecknolution work closely for six months. Tecknolution is the firm that was contracted to develop the app.

The application works under sophisticated algorithm. When an investor enters the details of the investment that he or she wants to invest in, the algorithm processes the information and provides the user with his or her potential returns from the investment. The app considers all the information about the investment including any expense that may be associated with the property.
According to the official statement sent to its clients, Davos REG says that the app is developed using the latest technology platform and is available for use on either iOS or Android platforms. The statement continues to state that the functionalities of the app will increase in the future as the company launches complimentary apps. Currently, users are able to identify properties and forward reports generated to their agents through the inbuilt chat ability of the application. Osio believes that the application will revolutionize how Davos REG carries out its business.

About David Osio

David Osio has broad experience in the financial services industry. He is the CEO of Davos financial group of companies. In the past, Osio served as Banco Latino International’s vice president responsible for commercial banking. Here, his role was to define market strategies and manage customer acquisitions. He is a graduate of the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello. Osio is also heavily involved in philanthropic activities. This information was originally reported on Visualcv as provided in this link

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Helane Morrison’s Positve Impact on the Financial Sector

Helane Morrison who started off as a journalist has over time proved herself to be of great capabilities. She is currently involved in government service. Not many can maintain and stand for their ethical integrity after a long time of working in different capacities. Always doing the right thing is a narrow path that many don’t choose to follow except for one Helane Morrison. Since the early years of the millennium, the business world particularly the finance sector, has undergone several setbacks and has spoiled its reputation. Helane however has managed to stay true to who she is despite all this. Her fight against corruption and zeal to protect those who are vulnerable has over the years and still is her best known trait. It is encouraging to know that there is one person who still of integrity especially after the financial crisis in 2007/2008 where the unethical behaviour in the financial sector was exposed.

After the malpractices in the financial sector were exposed, everyone is uncertain and weary to trust others, especially those operating in the financial sector. Americans especially have little trust or no faith at all in Wall Street with only twenty percent of them believing that their country’s economy is headed on the right path. This is a matter of concern especially because the presidential elections are around the corner. This is so according to Yale Hirsch’s theory of there being a direct correlation between the elections and its impact on stock markets and the economy. Despite the uncertainties, people are still investing due to the unavoidable financial necessities. Since the average investor is at high risk and quite vulnerable, some have resorted to educate themselves and familiarise with some expertise.

Having a great work and life balance and adding to the fact that she is committed to ensure that justice prevails, Helane Morrison is a great encouragement to the fact that there is hope in the financial sector. The government noticed her exceptional qualities and gave her a post as head of the San Francisco Office of the U.S SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) where she worked till 2007. She is currently the Managing Director Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Helane’s knowledge of the law has undeniably played a big role to ensure she is where she is currently as is seen in the website link She studied journalism initially at Northwestern University before she earned a J.D in Law from the University of California, School of Law at Berkeley. She has worked as a court clerk at the U.S Supreme Court and Court of Appeals as well as done private practice at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Falk, Canady & Rabkin firm.

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