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The Impact of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies offers telecommunication services to approximately 2,600 correctional facilities. Securus Technologies designs install and maintains telecom systems that help to retain collect, prepaid as well as debit calling for approximately one million inmates. There are other back-office services for instance collection and billing, fraud management as well as call validation. Securus Technologies also sells and supports jail and inmate data management software in conjunction with applications for record management as well as computer-aided dispatch. The clients are supposed to incorporate city, state as well as county jails in conjunction with juvenile detection institutions as well as private jails. Securus Technologies is a portfolio company that handles investment firm, Castle Harlan.


As secures Technologies, we are proud to be on the high end of the technology service provision In regard to law enforcement world. We facilitate management, access telecommunication solutions, as well as integrate the information at hand whenever and however technology links the justice community’s dwellers and the information across the country. The Securus Technologies calling solutions services the correctional facilities together with the inmates and friends in conjunction with their family members. The application consistency between the user interfaces enables the abbreviated learning curves and simple operations. The system integration allows “plug and plays” capabilities for most of your Securus Technologies applications.


Securus Jail Management provides software solutions for both jail and facility management, it also lists record management as well computer-aided dispatch. The specialized assistants give room for focused solutions tailored to each and every facility requirements. The Net-centric potential allows the information to flow seamlessly between different applications (both on-site and off-site). Our professional and highly dedicated customer support center are highly accessible. Our credible technological potential offers unparalleled independent visibility into your account activity and information. Our site status id s fully and consistently monitored by support system as well as proactive corrective actions which are set to gather the issues before customers are impacted. The largest field technician program in secures technologies offers nationwide support by use of local technicians.


Securus Expansion Even after GTL’S Claims

On May 3rd, 2016 Securus Technologies Inc. issued a press release statement to make corrections for allegations made by GTL. Securus Technologies responded to the claims made that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board had canceled the 25 claims out of the 27 claims in a new IPR Win for Securus Technologies Inc. According to Securus Technologies Inc. management team, GTL issued imprecise and distorted statements to the public, and Securus corrected the misleading report as listed below.

  1. According to GTL, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board completed the company’s review of their patented registered under 7551732 as it preserved key elements and protecting GTL’s technology. On the other hand, Securus Technologies Inc. maintains that PTAB did not complete the remaining dependent claims, but instead the Patent and Trial Board mentioned that it would not review the dependent claims as they were minor.
  2. GTL on their release said they were pleased as the Patent organization was protecting their rights to preserve their technology. Securus stated that the Patent organization cannot be pleased because it overturned 100% of the 25 claims it went through.
  3. In the statement that GTL issued it stated that the PTAB preserved their right to protect the key components in their technology and storage of inmates records. According to Securus it has examined the remaining claims and noticed that they do not use the same storage strategies as GTL as explained by the patent.

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies was quick to say that it did not come as a surprise how GTL mischaracterized the nature of the latest Patent Trial and Appeal Board presiding. He also mentioned that the claims were from a testing to their technology advantage as opposed to battling against the PTAB.

Securus Technologies Inc. is described as the largest detainee companies that offer communication services, parolee tracking as well as government data control solutions. Securus Technologies serves more than 26000 correctional institutions in more than 45 states in the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico. Securus is also committed to providing their services to more 1000000 inmates globally. The company’s Headquarters is based in Atlanta Georgia.