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Why Has José AuriemoNeto Moved to NY?

On September 2015, a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur who works at JHSF as the Chairman of Board of Directors was spotted in New York City. More details revealed that together with his wife and children, the family had moved to the city for six months. Moreover, the children had already joined schools there.

But what has taken José AuriemoNeto and his family doing in New York? It has been revealed that he went to the city to closely follow a construction project by the company. The project involves the construction of high-rise rental apartment building. In the building, there will be a five-star JHSF hotel service.

How José AuriemoNetoSpends His Day

José AuriemoNeto lives a hectic life as a he is the president of one of the most prominent Brazilian developers, JHSF at only 32. Every day, he has to be in his office a few minutes after eight. The office is on the sixth floor of a building along one of the many streets of Sao Paulo.

After spending a few minutes with his colleagues at work, he spends most of the other time in meetings discussing various issues affecting the company such as ongoing and upcoming projects among others. However, every week he has to visit construction sites once, meaning that this is the only time he is never in a meeting. At the construction sites, he closely monitors the whole process to ensure adherence to the company’s strict quality standards. That’s not all. He sometimes shows potential buyers the various properties available.

For Neto, his day at the company ends at about 10 pm. And unlike other employees who enjoy vacation regularly, he has not had one for five years. The reason for this is his commitment. He is always determined to give his 100% to the company. Nothing makes him happier than see the company continue making progress.