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Protestors Flex Their Muscle

Venezuelan protestors had a chance to show off their collective strength against the regime that they call oppressive. Last week as news from El Venezolano confirms, they were bombarded by tear gas, but returned this Wednesday to keep the pressure on President Nicolas Maduro.
Much of the population blames the President for the country’s current woes, which include an economy that is completely out of control, food shortages, and social protests that have turned violent.

The center-right political party is seeking to eject Madura from office amidst claims that his socialist antics are clearly not working says reporter David Osio. In addition to the well-documented problems the country is facing, his detractors state that Madura is fostering a delusional belief that the United States is soon to invade his nation.

Protestors claim they will keep the pressure on until he resigns and is removed by other means. They are not likely to disperse any time soon.