Charles Koch and Michael Bloomberg Addresses Free Speech

Charles Koch a Republican financier and Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City Mayor, wrote a joint piece addressing free speech in colleges. The freedom of expression was advise by the two gentlemen to college students, boards, faculty, and administration.

Free speech is crucial to students for it helps in learning. The students must be ready to get offended by free speech to exist.

In a recent interview billionaire, Charles Koch had kind words for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and her husband. He then claimed that there was an outstanding chance that he would offer her support. His decision to opt for Hillary Clinton could not have been hard since he sees all Republican candidates as terrible role models. Charles further said that his massive political network would not be involved in the Republican nomination race.

Koch believes that Clintons rhetoric’s and action would be different unlike the Republican candidates that one would have to believe that their actions would be different from their rhetoric to give them support. Koch believes that personal attacks that pit one person against the other sends the wrong message to the country and such leaders are bad role models.

Clinton at one point of the campaign at one time did even link Bernie Sanders to his disapproval Export-Import Bank.

The calls to have Muslins be registered by Donald Trump did not please Charles Koch and compare such actions to Nazi Germany. Koch is a conservative and has mostly aligned with the Republican party. Charles was a critique of Iraq war during the Bush administration.

Since Koch spoke of possibly supporting Hillary time has gone by, and it is safe to assume that he is now funding her campaign.

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Rachel Fishkin says:

The unlikely support of Hillary Clinton by the Koch brothers is clearly to do with the poor policies of the Republicans candidates and not their admiration of her as a candidate. It is also very important that assignment writing uk would have given them everything they need to successful.

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