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Lime Crime is one of the hottest cosmetics brands in the industry. Every day, women around the world turn to Lime Crime for their unique brand of makeup. Recently, Doe Deere sat down with a popular beauty magazine to discuss her success and how she feels about the industry as a whole.

Much of Doe’s success can be credited to the Instagram revolution. Millions of users flock to Instagram every day to look at unique pictures shared by other users, and many of those people follow Doe. Doe’s pictures are extremely colorful, and typically feature her wearing a truly unique shade of lipstick or an exciting t-shirt. Doe loves going on Instagram and interacting with her followers, but she is much more than just a pretty face to put on Instagram. Behind all those colorful pictures is a brilliant business mind.

Doe started the interview by discussing her upbringing. Doe is quick to mention that she was always an extremely creative child. She loved bright colors and she always loved mixing the different colors with each other. She is overjoyed to work with color as an adult. To her it feels like cheating, and she feels extremely blessed to have the opportunity.

Doe then went on to discuss her first cosmetics memory. She recalled a slumber party. Her and her nine-year-old friends tried on various types of make-up and tried on various outfits. They had an amazing time playing with the make-up together.

Doe loves running an internet based business. Her customers are able to give her instant feedback and discuss the product with her. She can roll out new product quickly and discuss potential new products with her audience. It can also be frustrating because people can turn on your product quickly.

Lime Crime is an incredibly important company today, and it is thanks to Doe’s leadership. Doe is glad to work for Lime Crime.  Be sure to check out their famous Velvetines for yourself, or follow them on social media for news and updates.  Lime Crime has both a popular Facebook presence, as well as Twitter.

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