How Hager Pacific Managing Partner Followed His Dream Successfully

Adam Milstein, is the managing partner of Hager Pacific properties which is a private real estate investment firm. He is a Technion graduate and earned an MBA from the USC.Adam is a well-known philanthropist, real estate investor and a great community leader. He began his career in 1983 as commercial real estate in southern California after relocating to the USA in 1981 from Israel. Adam also the began National Chairman of the Israel American Council and oversees the expansion. He sits on the board of several companies including Israel on campus coalition, stand with us, Hasbara fellowships, Jewish funders networks, AIPAC national council and Much more. Together with his lovely wife Gila Adam they began SifriyatPijama America which is an organization that provides free Hebrews books every month reaching more than 15000 Jews -American families in the US.

Adam began Hager Pacific properties after finishing his MBA; he felt he couldn’t get a job that paid him what he was worth and he went out on his own to start the real estate commercial brokerage firm. Hager Pacific deals with repositioning, renovation, and reuse of the properties. The company manages over 2300 apartment and over 12million square foot of industrial and commercial properties. The company has a portfolio with a value of $ of around 2 billion.

The company has various offices with Adam managing the San Fernando Valley office. Adam involves himself in Philanthropy making his job more satisfying. He believes that as an entrepreneur you need to understand the issue then follow up consistently. Adam believes in pushing until you achieve his goal. Adam doesn’t believe in goal setting as he feels that limits him but says one you begin something push until you are successful.

Adam and his wife have three children and run the Adam and Gila foundation whose primary mission is to educate the Jews in Israel and create ties with the US. The belief in funding but also investing their time to ensure the success of the foundation. They also believe in engaging their target from a young age and combining the resources with other organizations to amplify the effect of the funds.

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