Imran Haque Delivers Quality Healthcare with Internal Medicine

Imran Haque, the Universidad Iberoamerican graduate in Medicine and Surgery has grown to become a reliable medical service provider in the whole of Asheboro located in North Carolina. He also went to the University of Virginia in pursuit of postgraduate studies in Internal Medicine. After a series of medical training, Imran Haque gained a wealth of experience which to the licensing of his practices as an internal medicine specialist. His career took the course when he established Horizontal Internal Medicine and he has used this medical facility in delivering extensive healthcare with the use of modern technology. The medical services that he provides include 360 resurfacing, Venus body contouring, diabetes management and much more. Besides, he also works in many other hospitals which include Randolph Hospital and much more.

His medical facility offers medical examinations for a wide spectrum of ailments through check-ups and detailed diagnosis. Many people from different cities have gone to Horizontal Internal Medicine to seek treatment for their diseases and indeed Imran Haque has constantly delivered quality healthcare to the best of his ability. All by himself he would not have had come this far with his medical practices but by the reliable assistance that he has been getting from his fellow doctors and able physicians. This skilled team of medics has worked together to ensure that once they offer treatments for disease, they do not recur in their patients. Professionalism and constant dedication towards work have been the cornerstone of the incredible performances at Horizontal Internal Medicine.

Most importantly, Imran Haque was inspired to start Horizontal Internal Medicine because of the urge to provide this unique medical assistance to his local communities. The invention of modern technology in healthcare sectors has also been of great assistance in medical care delivery. This new trend has simplified data collection, analysis, storage and retrieval for the many patients that he attends to every single day.

The act of showing kindness and respect to people he serves and works with has enabled his business to thrive hence contributing to his success as an entrepreneur. For Imran Haque, one must always have people they look up to for them to match their standards hence learning from the best and Barack Obama has always been that person for him.



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