New Car Seat Laws In Pennsylvania: Explained By Litigation Attorney, Karl Heideck

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has enacted various safety laws to keep drivers and the passenger’s safe on the road. The most recent law requires every driver to secure their children who are two years or younger in safety belts that faces the rear of the car until the child reaches the manufacturer’s requirements for weight and height. Failure to follow the set guidelines will lead to a penalty of up to $75.

The law was actually in effect since last year, but then, traffic offices were directed to issue a warning to those who violated the law. The question lingering in many people mind is, why face the rear of the car?

Well, Karl Heideck, a litigation attorney, explains that children placed in a rear-facing car seat are at a low risk of being seriously injured in a car crash. Since children at this age are not able to endure the impact of a collision, this position is the safest place to protect their head, necks, and spine in case of a crash.

The law was enacted to reduce the number of children’s death experienced in the last few years. A study conducted between 2010-2014 shows that a majority of children who died in car crashes were either improperly restrained or had not been restrained at all.

Karl Heideck: A Talented Attorney

Karl Heideck is an experienced Philadelphia-based attorney focusing his practice in litigation, compliance, and risk management. He is also a contract lawyer. Karl acquired bachelors of Arts in 2003, from Swarthmore College and but later decided to join legal studies at Temple University where he graduated with Juris Doctors.

Since he acquired his license to practice law in 2010, Karl has been involved actively in numerous cases, most of which deal with unemployment laws, civil litigation, corporate laws, product liability, and arbitration, and corporate laws. He has held various positions with different Philadelphia law firms for the last seven years. Karl Heideck notes that he is always looking forward to applying his legal knowledge and skills in challenging new cases.

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