Talk Fusion Making Old Ideas Simply Better

Talk Fusion is one of the few companies in today’s market that not only wants to help itself but other in the process. Its founder Bob Reina has used his success to empower others and those that cannot help themselves. Bob Reina is a huge animal lover and advocate of animal rights and well being and has made sure to donate and help association around the globe. Bob has also allowed his own staff to bring their pets to work to show his appreciation for a humans best fury friend.

Charities around the globe have benefited from the success of Talk Fusion and so have countless other members around the globe. Talk Fusion is a member of the direct selling association as well as strictly following the code of ethics set in place by the association. Bob Reina believes that with success comes a greater responsibility to his customers and that is implemented within the workings of the Talk Fusion business model.

Talk Fusion has come from humble beginnings, offering only a single product with limited features to offering a complete video communication solution now in 2016. As well as another added benefit of a 30 day free trial, customers now have the opportunity to test drive the application and make sure it suits their needs. This was not possible before as customers had to commit financially. The application suite is called Talk Fusion CONNECT and incorporates live video conferencing, video chat, video email and video newsletter.

No longer do users have to find applications for each need, everything is contained within a simple suite. Easy to use and extremely versatile has allowed them to dominate the market. Spreading across Asia and the rest of the country. Alone in the Indonesian market they have taken up the number one spot for the most advanced and most used video communication available.

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